Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3/31/14 Letter

I'm in the City of miracles!!!  

So first off I'm so blessed to be serving in Rijeka and love it here. Everyday is just a blessing from the Lord! This is the Lord's work and his hand is truly in it! If he want to bring forth his work and the gospel then it will be done! 
This week we had 4 new investigators and one more Baptism date!!  Not to many people came to church but our two investigators came! So we are shooting on the 26th or may 5 for antonija her husband (who i am planning a wedding for!) there friend who she introduced us to and zdanka who is preparing for that date! I cant wait for that! 

To have 4 people get baptized in one day is a record for one city is a record!!! I just love them so much and cant wait! 
So really cool stories for this week: Tuesday night we had about 30 min before we had to be in so i had the thought, you need to see find this English student. I knew she lived in this one of these 5 building but i had no clue where to go so i said ok lets just try! So the first door was locked to the apt building so i went to the second one and it was locked but i had a feeling to try to get in the building. Someone let us in! Then the thought came in my head that she has a hurt leg so start on the bottom floor! Well 3 doors when by and no answer.  but then i heard a lot of noise from this one door, i was not sure to knock but i said, "Ok there totally is a family behind there," and when they open the door it my surprise- it was there family!!!! It was truly a blessing cause I had no clue where she lived! So we talked about the Book of Mormon and they brought up questions  and then we sang and they said the door is always open!  

Then President Rowe came to talked to us and man i just learn so much from that man!! Then Antoninja Husband came to aktivnost  and in the church for the first time!! Then last night we met with a less active and we had such a strong meeting with her as we found out that her parents were divorced when she was a baby and then her mother left her when she was 11 then now she was to take care of her grandpa and uncle and her grandmas  death day is coming up who she loved soo much. we talk about how through the BOM she can feel that love again and that she is a daughter of god! I just felt really prompted to tell her that her grandma is very proud of her. Then i just hugged her and was her crying shoulder. 
As missionaries we are not only a mouth piece for the lord but also his arms to reach out to his children to hold them like we would want to do. And that is one of the best things is that we can hold them and truly help them feel his love. im so grateful for that so honored that the spirit was so strong and that i truly can be a servant of the lord , my savior a loving brother and king.
have a great day!

s ljubavju
sestra peterson

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