Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/28 Letter

Well Hello Family and Friends!! 

Over here has been nothing but rain! we have had more rain then London this year!  so i have not felt like a missionary cause all last week we have just been moving and going crazy doing not missionry stuff so this week im excited to get a hold on things and move the work forward!  we just came from teaching english to the mentaly handicap which was so fun! i love being around these special child of god! But yep for the most part it was just packing and getting our lives together! we have not had the babptisims yet because of things that have happen but we will see how things turn out!

Please keep Antonija Barič and Filip Todorovic in your prayers. Fillip has been in the hospital for medical problems with his brain because of a cist that is causing him to go blind and could be fatal. This is preventing this couple from having enough time to take the steps toward being baptized, even though they want to. All they want right now is for their son to be healed and to be baptized. So please keep them in your thoughts, fasts and prayers this upcoming Sunday. Thank you so much. 

 i need to go but u love u all and wish u the best of luck!!

s ljubavlju
sestra peterson 

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