Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/18 Letter

This week was was full of traveling and we went to Sarajevo on an exchange. It was so great because they had a big English class party. It was so nice that their students came up to me and were so excited to see me me again! They were like, "We are so excited to see you back in Sarajevo!" I just love the people here are so great and sweet! I loved working with the sister up there and meeting people from all over Bosnia because each part is so different. 

Then i was on splits with he greenie who has been out in the field for 3 week and  i was not feeling very well cause the water is really bad there from like the war and stuff  but i was like shoot i just need to suck it up and go contacting  and turns out  she the greenie gave out her first Book of Mormon to a woman who wants to meet up! She was so happy  cause those 3 second truly make the mission all worth it! then 5 min later i was a about to take a pic of a building but this lady was about to walk by us and i just had a feeling to put down the camera and talk to her about the gospel and then she wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted up to meet up! such a tender mercy from the Lord cause that never happens giving away 2 a Book of Mormons and getting number in 15 min!  sacrifice brings forth the blessing of heaven!   

Then on the bus i started to this man from the Netherlands   on the bus about the church and we wants to learn more so i got his numbers! 
Then we had a great lesson with our investigator who was like " now i really want to know what church is true and i have not received an answer but i want to know!  and she said she would join that church when she finds out so things are looking good!  We had 4 members at church one less active  and 2 investigators  and that really makes up the church here thats what we get on average cause the church is so new here. 
Then we met 6 army guys from chile and they are so great! i wanted to cry cause they have heard about our church  and within the first 5 min the starting talking to US about the church! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!  They they were talking about how the church over there  is the hot thing right now! josh i was so jealous i was like wow is this how other missionaries do missionary work haha. Things are so but the work is starting to pick up and we are getting things rolling over here!  wish yall the best and keep working hard! 
с лјубавју 
сестра питерсон

8/11 Letter


How are y'all! It's has been such a crazy and the time needs to slow down- cause its just flying by! I cant believe we are already on Monday. Well zone conference was great and i survived my first one as a sister trainer leader. Everyone loved the cross word puzzle zone conference was Bosnia and elders from Montenegro came.

Then after that we got home about  9:30 and before you know it was Wednesday. On Wednesday our English class student took us on a tour of Bosnia and gave it in English, she was really proud of herself.  We are just trying to make everyone feel every comfortable like the church is a safe heaven for people here and no matter what  they can always come to us. Finding is a lot different here as you really have to be creative and just talk part in peoples lives and have to be there friend first. Trust is a big thing here people have to trust you first.  So we are trying to find a ton of potentials right now.

We had really bad land slides in the hills  as the rain was really bad then the soil was so wet from the previous floods  it destroyed house. For the past 3 days we brought out our shovels and my rain boots.  We have been helping people clean out there house. One house was just covered in mud, we were just throwing everything away. It was so said but this family was keeping a really great positive attitude about the whole thing. It was such a blessing to us to meet these people to have there hearts humbled and except us in there home.  I felt so humbled to be a missionary just talk to these children of God and hold them in my arms saying God knows who you are and he sent us to let you know you are not forgotten. I just  held them in my arms while they were crying. that's what its all aboutbeing God's servant to people you don't even know.

Then i gave a talk in church and sang as ales active came to church and an investigator.

Well love y'all so much and sending a big Texas hug!

sestra peterson 

8/4 Letter

Wow I'm HERE! have reached my GOAL AND I'M IN SARAJEVO  JUST FOR P DAY and for ZONE CONFERENCE! So excited  because Muslims are everywhere here and heard the call to prayer and saw them praying!  then the style here is so cool! i might live here forever!  so we hiked up this hill to over look the city and checked out everything  as i feel like I'm in the movie Aladdin! Then tonight we are preparing for zone conference and mom because I'm your daughter well we are making zone conference fun! to talk about finding we made a word cross puzzle to talk about good ways to find people I'll send it to y'all!  It's tomorrow so wish me luck!

 This week was crazy as we have the tuzla sister stay with us for 2 day! it was like all tracking and then we had this lesson (referral from SLC)  she lived in SLC for 6 month and she is Muslim! we had a way good lesson and she became an investigator!  In Banja luka we don't have the extreme Muslim but in Sarajevo they do (wear the head dresses and everything). Anyways we had an amazing lesson and i really felt that so strong about her cause she is really looking and loved what she saw in Utah aka things are looking good! Then after that  we packed and went to Zagreb for zone leadership meeting  all the leaders from these countries were there (zone leaders and sister training leaders)  and we all had a sleep over at the house we we talked about the mission! It was really great. They just feel like family and gets the job done.

It has been raining like everyday so that's fun! then on Sunday we had 6 members come to church  and one was a less active who has not been to church at all this year! Things are starting to look really good here and i just love it! 

That's about all- sorry not such and exciting letter but will y'all the best! 

7/28 letter

како сте!! ја сам ту у босни!! пази!  
Family and friends! The Lord's work is real and true and I'm so humbled to be apart of it! I am so humble and to a pioneer missionary in the country of Bosnia. Its a very sacred calling to be here and I'm so grateful the Lord trusted me with this work and to end my mission here.  
Here is some background information on Bosnia. It opened up for proselyting 3 years ago as it was the last opened mission in Europe. It was really affected by the war so many people her have problems because of it.  Where i am serving is Banja Luka!  It is a beautiful city with rolling green hill and sooo beautiful!  Banja Luka is called the Republic of Serbia  or (baby Serbia) but in Bosnia. I have not seen a catholic Church but only Muslim masks and Orthodox (which is totally different then the Catholics like way strict.) 

There is a river here where the sides are divided to Muslims and orthodox. I feel like a new Missionary cause its so just different.  This is the place where President Rowe started the church here when he and his family lived here.  First off the language: if u say bok (hi in Croatian) to people well they ... we just wont say... so i to be very careful what comes out of my mouth cause the hatred is still so strong form the war, its so sad.  I cant read Cyrillic's well I'm learning as its so hard and the way you approach people here is totally different when u contact. 

If you talk about the book of Mormon they wont listen so you have to call it a HOLY BOOK now so the Muslims can read it cause they can only read holy books. Since we are some of the first missionary here in this country we are really just trying to make a name for our self. Banja luka is know as the hardest place in the mission so I'm but for the challenge.
The members are few, but that's nothing new, but we have 20 members on list but about 5 are active   The church had really bad attacks here so they just moved the church building to the center of town  where missionary have never really gone before so we are basic staring over from ground zero.  No missionaries have tracked this area and know one here has heard of our church so we just have to let people know who we are and the we are normal people.   
Banja luka is know for having the best meat and bakeries in the world! They are also know for having some of the most beautiful girl, but its sad how they only care about how they look.  lets just say the The kardashians could live here and fit right in.  I'm really excited to start work here! this week i was a little off my game cause i was just trying to get adjusted and seeing how things work around here but this week im ready to dive in go full force. we have 3 investigators and we basically go contacting all day. I have a lots of great idea to put our name out there so I'm excited! 
This week we taught English classes. They are way good here because of so many young people!  Then we had a women conference for the people in the area  and we had a great turn out as 10 people came! we had two speaker talk  about the worth of women and i sang when u believe. For the activity we had two really good potentials come out of it as we are going to meet with them this week!  One is a piano player so we wants to have a concert to invite people to come and listen  so its a great way to let people know about our church  and the other one is like I'm not going to church but i want to know the difference. Then we past daises on the street to women with a great quote and people were so confused cause no one does that here.  One was like It doesn't feel like a church cause there is no statues and gold or saints haha yea we like it simple here and open and light ahah.  So let the work begin and lets start building!  I'M so excited to just work and talk to the people. 
It is Ramadan  and we got invited to bidom which is the best feat ending Ramadan! so excited!  i feel like I'm on another missions and I'm loving it, i know there are going to be lots of challenges, we went tracking and only one person opened the door saying your going to have no luck here cause we all have our set religions, but this is the Lord's work I have seen hearts change before and he is continually doing it his work will carry on. This country needs the gospel so bad they need the light of Christ! There is truly no other missions for me other this this mission! 

love y'all lots 
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сестра петерсон 
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