Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/24/14 Letter


Well this was full of fun filled adventures with traveling to Zagreb to pic up my new Companion. I know this might come as a shock to everyone but... i was at the police office helping another missionary with stuff then picked up some lunch, and 3 min before i entered the office i got a call saying, "Sister Peterson where are you? Your Comp is here are your not".... joj..NOT AGAIN!  They came 30 min early ...so technically i was not late but well story of my life! i totally guessed my new companion right from the bat so that was cool. 

Then we went contacting in the same place i did my first day and poor thing was so nervous. But I stopped her and said we have 10 min left and we are going to give away a book of Mormon, so who do u think is pondering the purpose of life? She said " that old guy looks nice?".. and i was like "Uh you know old men are really creepy lets try this high school girl." So we talked to her and bingo she was the lucky winner!! We had a gospel conversation and got her number and gave her a Book of Mormon! On the bus we gave a way another Book of Mormon coming to rijeka- to this mom. She was totally reading it and was so nice! Then when we got off the bus and the first person that talks to us is a Mormon from Utah who is a BYU professor. 

While we were talking, some drunk people stated yelling at us saying speak Croatian your in my country and making a whole seen at the bus station. I felt so bad cause her first ten minutes she got yelled at. I was like, "I promise his has never happened to me it's ok." 

Then some of the first members she met said they were leaving the church and then she looked down at her plate and saw the glasses and plates were all dirty... shoot I mean, well the good thing now is that things can only get better from here, and they did. It was Sunday night and we were just about to about to go home  when i thought about an English student lives over here where we were and we should go see her. I had no clue what building she lived in or her last name but we are going to try cause we have about 30 min left. As i was walking i was praying where does this person live.. so i went to his one building and i was like no its locked and I'm just not feeling it .. so I went to the other door and it was locked but I was like I need to ring the doorbell. So someone lets us in and we are about to start knocking on doors when the impression come to my mind. She has a hurt leg start at the bottom. so we start knocking on the bottom floor and it was the third door and i think i head a voice so i said lets try this door... AND GUESS WHO OPENS THE DOOR!! IT WAS THE FAMILY  WE WERE LOOKING FOR!! SO WE TALKED ABOUT THE BOOK OF MORMON and sang for them and they want us to come back tomorrow!  It was so great to end on a note like that! 

The Lord works miracles and Bednar says, "if we are a good boy or girl...then thoughts will just come to our minds aka the spirit."

Well that's all for now I'm so excited for this week an hope all is well back at home=) Have the faith ...keep the faith .. apply the faith=) that's what a gave a talk about on Sunday as me and my new comp also sang in church! 

s ljubavju,
sestra peterson

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  1. The new "companion" is my daughter, Sestra Catherine Chauncey, from Carlsbad, CA She's new in town!