Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Mother's Day Phone Call!!!

Highlight of Mother's Day!!! We got to do a 4-way skype call with Brinanne in Croatia, our mom and brother in San Antonio, our sister in California, our dad in North Carolina, and me, our other brother and sister in the Dallas area! Technology is amazing!!! #lovemyfamily  

5/5 Letter

 kako vam je bilo tijedan???
well my week was good and so fast! we found out that they a bumping transfers up a week so i will tell u if I'm staying or leaving. everyone thinks I'm leaving cause i have been here 5 months.. can u believe that!!! 5 months but it only feels like 3  wow time is going so fast. i think if i get moved I'm going out of Croatia but then i still feel like a have a ton of work to do in rijeka so we will see.  So something way cool happened this week!  it was Saturday night and we had two hours left of the night and was like shoot I'm not really feeling like tracking but what else am i to do to  cause we are not going home early even though i was tired  and didn't feel like doing anything u have to endure and use the lords time wisely  " so when in doubt tracked it out"  it was so funny so as we were tracing  it was funny cause my comp is the opposite of me and like if she hears a lot of people she is like lets go and turns her back while i ring the door bell ahah but it was the 8:45 and i said ok lets go and do this one last door and and leave.  During those to house of tracking i just looked at my watch and kept on thinking of that Mormon message of the rugby player who stuck it out and found this awesome family so i was just hoping for the same miracle.  So i swear my mouth was just moving on its owns as i was speaking with this college student who answered the door. i asked him if he ever though of the purpose of life  and he was like yes come on in... but he had been drinking and was a tipsy so i was like i just don't know if its a good idea so i was like we will come back and of course my comp being opposite was like lets go ahah so i looked at the college student and thought to myself ok he is a skinny dude and i could take him if anything were to happen we could get away so i said ok but only for ten min and I'm not going to play and games I'm going to get straight to the point!  we walked in  and two of the boy were laughing at us  and really just having us over cause we were girls but  the asked about lots of questions  and the topic weed came up and i just talked in English cause everyone here know English   and was like i have seen people get killed from using that and alcohol and its not worth wasting your talent on  a moment of fun that could mess up your life for good. I was like  u start wonder the questions of life after you see people lives come to an end  and in this book it peace ans answers the questions of the soul.  they got really quite  and then we started talking about other questions and i took out the book of Mormon and talked about how its blessed my life and u will find all your answers. so then  two of them were like no no we don't want to but their more quiet friend was like no i want it and his friends we like no you don't and he was like no i do please leave it for me.  even though his friends were hating on him he didn't not give into temptation and took it so i showed him questions of the soul where he could look!  we are so excited!!  and i thought why is it always the last door that you find someone to teach and its because we have to endure to the end to receive blessing! if we give it our all  even when we don't want to with a smile on our face the lord will put on our face for us as he blessed us!  so no matter who you are what u are going through   endure all things and the lord will fulfill his promise!  i love u all and to all you mothers happy mothers day!!!!!!!!!!

 PS We have a cowboy aktivnost at the church on Friday and it was way fun!