Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/21 Letter

Sretan uskrs!!!! Happy Easter!

Well things are a lot different here for easter! its cool when they color there eggs thy color them with onions  crazy right! well lets get to the good stuff!!
For the most part they just have a lunch here and thats it!  this week started off with an exchange and while we where on the exchange the unthinkable happened..! well with my luck  anything is possible so two weeks ago i almost in jail then i got interviewed by the police and then this week i got.....EVICTED!!! TAKO JE ZIVOT!!! THAT IS MY LIFE!!!   I JUST COULD NOT HELP BUT LAUGH ONLY TO ME! i told everyone and they started dying because i just attract trouble!  Well i guess something will never change!   Because we are in the middle of moving no one ever paid for our apt but that night the mission paid up so we got let back in our house=)  Then we have been seeing anonija cause she is back in the hospital with her son and she was so happy to see us cause the nursed treated her so bad=( he we planed this big aktivnost  all about Christ and his last week  with the bible videos and set up all these pictures  and a slide show.

Then thank you mom we did the scavenger hunt with scriptures and Then we dyed eggs it was really fun! Then we made cookies to give to people and they loved it! Then me and my companion sang in church together for Easter! its was the best Easter gift as antonija and her husband came with the baby!!! they feel like family in the branch now!! So they brought there family and then there  was a less active who has not been to church in ten years come back or the first time!!! he members are really good about making people feel welcomed here!  so we had a branch dinner after and then we went home and planed and then the senior couple had us over for Easter dinner!  so w had 4 investigators and 2 less aktives!  they dont have any decorations here for easter but its cool. well i love yall and keep up the good work! 
 sestra peterson 

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