Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/14 Letter

antonija kids aka my nephews here! they are studs best family ever!
This week was crazy cause a lot of our plans got changed because i had to go to the police like for 3 day and then i got interviewed but now i am fine... we all joked that we would be like Alma and amulek singing and breaking down the prison cell ahah but then my comp was like sorry your alone on this one haah!  But this week we went to our Jewish investigator house and gave her a book of mormon and talked about how the book of Mormon is a fulfillment of the Jew  and came from jew!! i just love the woman and love talking about the old testament!(maybe cause it reminds me of  my amazing old testament teacher i had=) so she was so excited! She just gets it!  we are going to have passover with her and im so excited! Then we had an amazing aktivnots  as we played a ton of min it to win it games! it is every hard to find people here to teach but when u do they are just golden and change your world. like Antonija and her family!they truly are part of my family and i love them so much,  we went to the grave with her and her for the anniversary of the death of one of her twins and as we were gathered around you could just feel the spirit so strong and how this child was so perfect that she just had to come to earth to get a body and that her parents are very special people. I am truly grateful for the plan of happiness and how after this life we can live with our families forever! the plan of happiness is the best thing in the world.then antonija got a blessing before she goes in the hospital with the other twin and i started crying during the blessing cause i was so bless to be teaching  to be given this blessed soul form god. she has the most faith i have ever seen in my life she is such a strong women and i learn so much from her! she will be a leader to these nations and  im so blessed she was placed in my life!  his is what this work is all about!   i love this work cause it true  and i dont have to see angles to know the feeling i get everyday about this work truly has blessed my life and gave me more happiness then i could have ever though in my life!   god is great  the savior is my best friend and brother and im so grateful for atonement and for this last week of his life this week.  Christ is not a person in the past or a legend... HE LIVES i have seen miracles work today i have felt this love and his truth!  And i am so great fun we have his restored gospel again on the earth!
sestra peterson 

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