Being from a sports fan of the family-this is how I found out about the game ... President Rowe emailed me and told me about it! I love him so much!!! he is like the best person alive! I though it would be funny four our family to read! 
Dear Sr. Peterson,

I thought you would want to know that BYU crushed the Longhorns on Saturday. It was nice that Texas was able to score a touchdown in the final quarter of the game to prevent being shut out at home in Austin. This means that you are banned from wearing Texas orange for one month. And that the colors at your wedding must be blue and white.

On a more serious note, we were excited to hear that you were serving in Banja Luka. What a great assignment! You are such an exceptional extraordinary faith and desire. Please know that we pray for you and all the missionaries morning and night. We know you continue to do such great work on behalf of our heavenly father. 

Please give our love to everyone there. 

With much love, 
Your former mission president. 
Go Cougars!

Brianne's responding letter:
I was so excited to get a letter from you, cause you have been on my email list for about 2 weeks now,  and well now.. I'm just  shocked and ashamed as my team failed me! Lets just say... maybe it's a good thing I'm not in Texas right now, or my Texas pride would have been more hurt haha. I thought you can't ban me from doing things anymore haha? Well, we have one problem, if I can't wear any Texas orange that  means I  lose half my wardrobe!  Goran came back to church  and i definitely taught him how to say hook'em horns.   And I still have one more transfer before I can think about wedding color =) 

I love serving here in Banja Luka! I truly feel so honored to serve here as there is so much work that needs to be done here. I  meant to email you telling that the 3 oldest Tadić have been great at coming to church. Before Viki left she was really happy and she saw us at a restaurant with one of her friends which then led her to give her friend to a min gospel lesson who took it really well.   Vanja and I have become great friends.  The work was slow at first but now it's starting to really pick up as we have a ton of great potentials and this week we found a new investigator.  Because of the rain we have had here about everyday, we have had the opportunity to help out with the floods. Because of that, we were on the news and the people were calling us their angles.  People are truly having a change of heart here and the lord is working miracles. The other day a man saw our tags and said "hey your church gave the wheel chairs to the hospital" and then told other people who we were next to us  about it! 
Hope you like the update and hope all is well with your family. How are the girls doing in America. Are they getting used to the big wards? 

Thanks for being the best example, 
Sestra Peterson  

PS We all talk about the great day when we walk into church here in Banja Luka and see you there... if you can try to do it before I leave=)