Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14 Letter

 Where to start i don't even know? We this week i went on an exchange for the fist time with sister Orgill!!  It was so great i really need it just to get out and see how others work and how the work is going in other places cause i have never gone on an exchange out of rijeka so it was so great! It is so nice to  be with someone who is in the same stage of the work as you! she was so shock how much the mission has changed me ha she says i am the most changes out of everyone in our group haha she was like  I remember this crazy person who was  would be doing these crazy dance moves to this person who is still funny but you can just things run deeper in you like well your just more mature ( i feel it to haha) but that's a good thing i still have fun all the time but not as crazy ha and loud.  So on this exchange in zagreb we two people commit  to baptism! then it was truly an inspired exchange as dad you have been one of the biggest missionary tools  as we saw this member and her non member husband adn he is very against  hearing the lessons  but i totld the story of u dad and it was the first time he listen to a spiritual thought and at the end he said well i guess the guys are always lower to jump on board and he was way interested in your story so thank you for both (mom and dad) for being converts!

Then poor little Robi, my little brother, is in the hospital so i have seen him everyday and its just good to see him laughing. Through this operation I have become really close to his non member mother and aunt!  So we will see!!! 

President Grant was here and we had a great interview and he said i might stay train or leave so well i have no clue and its like making me sick!!! But i love president Grant and love have 2 mission president cause they are so different  President grant is loud funny and all about work hard and play hard  and jsut make a decision and do it and very casual like a dad. With president you just look at the man and respect him very formal cause we is jsut so amazing and you feel like be a very important guy, but Grant is exactly what this mission needs right now for these people there is no better man for these people thank him right now.   I love them both so much!  then on Sunday he spoke and i sang but i sing every week haha  

love yall lots
sestra peterson 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6/30 Letter

Wow so much has happened and it been crazy!!  Sister Čansi  left and it was a sad, cause she is great, just when things are how you like them, surprise we get a change, so i miss her a lot. Then it was so weird cause we change while the people were having the zone leadership meeting  so it was fun to see some of my friends from different countries. But it as so good to see sister sister Rowe and President one last time as they leave today.  Sis Rowe Came up to me and was like so President when he came home from his interview was just laughing as he said ha" that sister Peterson, "because i said to him  " president i am from Texas this is not how we say good bye and just gave me a big hug haha" Sister Rowe had a huge smile on her face and said "he loved it haha a"

So Antonija told me the best new of my life that today they were going to apply for there wedding  cause they were like it time we really need to do it cause you might be leaving soon and you have to be my bridesmaid .  then after we celebrated her son Filip she has mad it a whole year!!! And as we were leaving Drago the husband said the closing prayer and he started crying cause he it has been the hardest year or the family with loosing a child  and Filip but he was so thankful for us and this gospel that is blessing his life as they are changing.   they are my family and i just felt loved my the member  as the less active who is coming back to church was like you just have this like around you and we all just feel the Holy ghost and love through you, you cant leave us you have to say here for ever, we all need you. shoot she is so sweet. well we had 27 at church but this week no investigators because Antonina had to go to the philological center cause something happened to her older son Ivan who is 14 so she said she cant go today to get the marriage paper  cause she has to go to the police  sooo sad my heart just broke=( i hate Satan cause he is trying everything to stop this family form being baptized =(#everything. Other than that i get to meet president grant this week=) we will see how things go=) Then i sang in church with a guy who is from texas and is visiting!  every week i sing it its way fun to use me talents and help bring the spirit to these small meeting! I have been so blessed so much in my life and to use these these talents is amazing cause these people dont really have a whole lot of music stuff here! 
s ljubavju 
sestra peterson