Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10/20 letter

This week was full of new experiences- some sad, some great. Since we are a walking mission, have don't have cars, my companion made me buy new shoes. My old ones had huge holes in them and it was raining like crazy, so my feet were just covered in mud ha. 

We went on an exchange with the Tuzla Sister and it was great! Mom- the sister I was on an exchange with knew all these VBS song and we just sang those all the time. 

The saddest thing happened as we were contacting. We contacted this lady and said, "What are the 3 most important things in your life?" She was  like, "I dont know so don't ask. Ask my daughter." Then she said, "My husband and my two of my children just died." We were shocked and so sad and she started crying. After a few mins of silence I said, "Well God has a plan of happiness and we would love to share it with you!" Then she went off saying how there is no happiness there is no God! I was shocked did not know what to do i wanted to run after her and say, "Wait its a plan where you can see your family and be happy!"  But on the street that might look a little scary. I still don't know why i had that experience and i felt bad about it the whole day  just i hear a talk by Holland about the same situation but but tracking and the guy said "Do you want to know where your family is?" Shoot, why did I not say that? I don't know but i really hope that woman will feel peace.  my comp at the time said, well not every experience can be a conference talk.  Maybe one day I will understand.

Then we met a woman who's daughter lives in  Melbourne, NJ so I got a contact for the NJ missionaries and maybe I will see her when I go to grandma and grandpa house!  

We had a great English class turn out!  We also did some more contacting and because the church has only been opened for 2 years in the country we just have great contacting stories!  e were talking to this girl and she asked us, "What church are you? Your not Muslim cause you have Jesus on your name tag- you must be pravoslav ..orthodox because your tag is in Cyrillic."  We said, "No we are a Christian church." The Lady asked, "Which one Catholic or Orthodox?" 

Imagine being in a place where no one has ever heard of the church they only know 3 religious groups!  Everything comes religion even the language! What language you speak determines were you are from and what your religion!  Banja Luka is a special place because  its in Bosnia but is under the federation of Serbia, like Texas is under the united stated but is the lone star  and could leave when ever ha.  And everything is 50 years behind the times here ha. its great to see people cut the grass with a sickle.  

The we had a great phone call with this lady we met on the street once and she would totally become an member but she lives like an hour away by car   so we has no way to get to church so we cant teach her! how lucky are we to have a place we  can go to church when others would like to but don't have the chance! How lucky are the people here to have the church in BL when others have no clue about it and there is nothing we can do about it! How blessed are we to sit back at home for 3 hours in a church where it is safe and we can feel the spirit so strong when we gather together when others cant have that but would love that. It really made me thing church is only 3 hours to help us and how we talk it for granite I love this work and the people cause they need it so bad! 

Well this week we found 9 investigators! so hope this week is just as good! 
love you lots and make it a great week! 
 с лјубавју сестра питерсон

10/13 Letter


Things are looking bright over here as the sun is shinning with no rain finally! It finally feels like summer... maybe i will have a little tan when I go home. Hahah This week  we had a lot of first meetings with people and then we had a a lot of our progressing investigators cancel on us because they were sick or family reason! We are hoping we get to meet with them next week! 

Other than that, i feel life nothing to exciting happened. We made cookies for people, and I'm going to be the worst mom/ wife cause i have no patience for them! They take for ever to make!!! I vowed that i would never do that again. Then the next day English class we made cookies! Ha. But when we gave them to people they were so happy and it just made there day. I guess it all worked out in the end.  

We had a great turnout at church out 10 people we had 5 new investigators this week so so work is moving forward! Sorry i don't have time today but know this is the Lord's work and I am so blessed that he chose me to come here to serve these children.  Hope you have an amazing week! 

sestra peterson 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/06 Letter

This was an amazing week once again! The work is moving his work here in Bosnia  and im so blessed to be watching it unfold right before my eyes!  

Sadly my eyes did not see any of conference.  we every  but we space them out so every third Sunday we watch two conference talks during sacrament meeting cause we dont have enough members to speak.  But we will watch them over our lunch breaks. we invited Marija (been a member for 2 weeks) to zone conference to do role plays and she just killed it!!!!  she role played street contacting the 5 min way and wow everyone was blown away!!! it was perfect!!!  So she is coming to the next zone conference. Then she asked if her husband  would be on a lesson with us and he said yes!!! So now her husband is an investigator! She was so great as she was winking to us the whole time like good job and well it was perfect!  

Then this English guy is a great investigator and told his brother about the church and his brother said he wants to read the book of Mormon! This investigator well doesn't believe in anything right now but is searching! And then our heard quarter referral  said " i just wanted to say thank you cause now i pray every night just giving thanks to god and i feel so much peace in my life!!!" She prayed on her own!!!!  we just looked at her and said well that's what we wanted to talk to you about today ha! then she said her husband said" your going to be a Mormon in a month and she was like.. well what if i do!"  wow  malo pa malo but she is just getting it!!!!  so everything is great!  I love being sister trainer leader cause i feel like i have really helped out the sister . On Wednesday we  went to Zagreb for leadership council and we talked a lot about our Facebook page go like our Banja Luka english page!  And then i taught  how to do street contacting and how to have 10 min lesson  and then i read this amazing quote Elyse said to me by brother Holland and everyone loved it!  That about it this week we only had 3 member at church and the just us 4 missionaries and senior couple, but the spirit was very strong during the meeting. we might be small but we are strong in spirit! That all for now! have a great week! 

с лјубавју
сестра питерсин 

PS I died my hair ombre to blond i really like being  blonde as its more me but i still have half brown .. the more grown up side of sister peterson haha