Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/7 letter

This week i don't have a whole lot of time to talk cause we are headed to Pula. (Check some pics on line- its so cool!!) I'm so excited but i will try to be back later!! 
This week was amazing. We had zone conference we saw Ellen and had a lesson with this girl named Mataja!  Mataja was a referral from this contact that we met she loved the bible so we talked about the bible and our favorite scriptures and then at the end we gave her a Book of Mormon and her face just lit up! when someone is really interested and takes the book a Mormon its the best feeling.. after she left i just screamed, "I love my life i love my life!!!" Then i just hugged my companion cause this joy is amazing! and the best part of the lesson was that we just asked her to pray and we didn't even explain how to pray but she just when into and started off saying dear heavenly father and in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!! what!! she said she was praying for people like us to come into her life!   
At zone conference president asked me and my comp to do a role play. He pulled us aside and said i really want u to go pray for her right and truly use this role play as as lesson with her to try to figure out her concerns. the spirit was so strong to the point where my legs were like shaking like i was nervous. it was so cool cause we really did receive inspiration for our investigator! Well conference was great! but i felt so said for the people here cause the first session we didn't have it translated so they tried to watch it in English. 
It amazed me that sometimes its hard to fit all sessions in our lives cause we have baseball games or other events but yet then u have people here who are so excited to watch to just see the prophet  that they watched it in English! it really made me think how lucky are we! well then the next day they finally had it in Croatian so we watched all then sessions in Croatian! 
well im so sorry but that's all i have for today cause i have to go but i love u all and hope y'all have a good week!
s ljubavju
sestra peterson

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