Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last post from the MTC.

Well it has been an eventful day here in the MTC! I got most of my packing done! I got my music and it felt so good to have it have it back in my hand aka it felt like gold! Speaking music i just got picked to sing at the departure devotional! I thought i was not going to get pic but gods knows our hearts so I'm singing  for everyone that's leaving "Make Me Whole!" I'm so excited!
So a funny story: We had some clothes to fix and they were finished but we didn't get to the place on time and my comp ws freaking out cause they open at 10 on Monday! And here is me relaxed about it  saying i know it will all be ok so don't stress.. ps she has bad OCD. (hahaha)  And sure enough afters about 20 min of trying to get our clothes they were at the front desk!  God knew need needed all the long skirts!  

Well thanks for the pics and tell Cami her BDAY card is going in the mail tomorrow because the book store was out of envelopes! Love y'all and good night! I cant wait to talk to y'all Monday!

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