Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travel Plans!!

AHHHHHHHahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just got my travel plans now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the elders in are distric are so amazing that they thought it would be no fun to just give it to us, so  they planned out a scavenger hunt for us!!!!! It felt like christmas at home!!! it was so much run as all the girl were running around the MTC doing push up to get our next clue! And more elders were in on it as they were wearingmustaches! Then we had to contact our elders in croatian pretending we were on the streets  to get the plans from their hands! well are u ready!!!! cause elyse i dont think you can handel it!!!!!  our flight is at 11:10am  to Detroit MI then  we leave there at 6 PM  to got to PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHH we only have an hour lay over but we get into paris at 8am them leave at 9:50 and  arive at Zagreb at 12 PM!!!!  ahh its real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so ready to go and so excited to leave to get out their and do this for real!  Mom so i will be calling you when i get in salt lake so aka u need to miss swimm camp on Next Monday! I cant wait to hear the whole family!!!!!!!! Wow is this real zivot!  And this we we have all oriantaion!!  I want to send my card home so i can show all the videos but yall are just going to have to wait a week and ill send you lot of videos once in croatia at least i hope i can! yall should send me a small sd card with yalls fun activites yall are going like nissa birthday and just fill it up and send it before next monday so i can put it in my camera adn watch it on the plane! MOM im so happy my comp mom sent you that text! we sing all times as our zone is know as the singing zone, i swear god put all the best singers over here!  and when we sang "nearer my god to thee" in church eyerone was amazed and the spirit was so strong!  Like Elders came up to us and was like that thats the best we have ever heard as we had chills! sister Adalphson said more importantly she could see our relationship as companision is so strong as we sang. SHe is a country singer and  im opera but our voices sound so amazing together!!!!!  We are already planing on doing a church a CD with her producers! So im going to be on a real CD on itunes when i get home. have u listen to her country music yet? well MOm she doesnt get any dear elders so can you write her some when you have time?   Anyways i loved singing it it felt so good, I know that what im ment to do with my life!
Well im sitting at dinner and Taylor Allen comes up to me!! she got here saturday and it has been a blast seeing her!!! Then when i was talking to taylor, Alexis came up to me!!!  thats not all, alexis lives in my building 3 m on the irst floor with me on the otherside so i stop by her room everynight! and i just met connor when i saw alexis  so i finally met the kid!!!!  It has been a blast o see them and taylor is leaving the same days as me!  
Well family can i just say fasting does work  a big mirical may not happen but if we show the lord we are willing to give up somthing for his help he will answer! it may not be a big one right away but he answers through other people! so i fasted that i can better retain the language and the next day i felt ok about it and then we contacted on the street and i contacted to my friend who is form slovania and he said i did a good job and then at trc Brat bell said you sisters are really great and will he honestly great missionaies!  As i was watching "Mormon messages" my heart was full as i watch Ukrains open house for there temple and understood some of it, and then i watched someothers abou people repenting and i got so excited as I will see people change their lives before my life and make a diffrence in their life!  I have been studying really hear these last week and feel like i know more in these last weeks then i have the whole time i have been here ha! I love my zone and all the great friends i have met here adn will keep forever! I just am so excited to flying paris and ind out IF I WILL BE SPEAKING CROATIAN OR SERBIN FIRST!?  unlike normal people i have no clue what country i will be serving in!  oh mom look up this website  cause im in the paper evern though spelled my name wrong!

  This week has gone by so fast like aka he fasest week ever so i really dont know what to say cause i forgot my journal cause i was to excited about getting my travel plans!  i have learned some valuable lessions on how to be a missionary and a better teacher! So ps keep my updated Has Princess kate had her baby yet?  Um mom Should i buy a cheap hymn book the gray one or do you think you sould send me mine, i think i brought it home along with some of my opera sings i think they are in a green folder in the bench I thought i would not need them but on ps just to practice would be nice so like  any  oper books or my music like the willow song and ah ju ver vivru please. I sent another package home with some surprises but dad it you dont get this till laters if you have any carolina stuff u dont want my  other rommie/ comp /teaxan friend would love some stuff sheis jealous of mine if not i may just have to give her my shirt=)  I love how everone her shares everything hayley i dont think you chould live haha!  we share food close packages we are all one big family! 
I love you all and thank you so much for the dear elders!
love Sister Peterson

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