Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arrived in Croatia!

I'm here! I love it! My mission pres is the best thing of my life and his family is amazing! I just got out out of an interview with him and it was so powerful! Tomorrow i will find out where i am going!

I've already had some crazy experiences. I played it smooth and asked someone aka a Slovenian who spoke English to help me  high light this passage in Croatian  (playing it smooth cause i already knew but but i wanted her to read off a passage so i had her read Alma 36:3 or 33:3! Then i talked to her in English and at the end i wrote a note to her and said i didn't have any paper so i wrote a thank you know  to her in the book of Mormon!  She was so grateful she goes to school in Houston! It was bent to be!  So my first book of Mormon was gone when i got off the plane! She gave me a great hug!  

Every one is so nice here! The people are so easy to talk to and really will listen! Its beautiful here!  I'm excited to find out where i go! ps when i first got off the plane i like tripped trying to the bus hahaha something will never change! love you so much! xox talk to you next Monday i sure that's my pday
love sestra peterson 

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