Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing Up.


We were on the computer at the same time this morning!!!! i could have talked to u as i saw u wrote a dear elder at 6! I always wake up at 530 even on pdays!
 well its really happening! I'm like nervous/ super excited to call Europe  my new home! I'm so excited to talk to y'all in the air port and I'm sorry i forgot to tell you that hahaha! but i will be calling home like 9/10 here so 10/11 at home! I really have been dying to talk to y'all! I better talk to everyone of y'all and so happy Nissa that y'all could still be there so i can talk to you! we have to be in the travel office at 8 and we leave at 11 so just be bye the phone! mom thanks for the pic and Nissa they are the best thing ever! Can i just say holy freak! baby boy Stratton  has gotten so BIG! I was looking at the family pic we took to the one at the baseball game and wow!   i didn't know a person could change so fast! HE is so cute and chubby, never know he was born early! Dad you look amazing! PS i told these missionaries to baptize your family! UM and guess what I'm eating today for breakfast.... the lulus Cinnamon roll with my rommies! so excited for that! Sister Allen thanks u so much for the gift! i have wanted one of those for so long! Sorry i don't know what its called but its perfect and pink!!! Nielson Family thank you as well for the package! i killed me know to think that you were right outside the MTC gates! 
we both could have seen them! I should be getting my music today mom=) and yes they will send it back to you if i don't get it! Well a lot has happened this week! so sat I found out that one of our teachers here was the one how baptized the boy the the conference talk by elder Ering! i was amazed so he told us all of the story of Valentino  and how he was freaking out when his story was told in conference! 

Well somethings that were not mention in the session were that we made money by washing windows and one car was the elders! He said talked to them and wanted to meet with them so when the missionaries asked for a phone number he gave them a fake one cause he didn't have one cause i was homeless like Aladdin style! so after that he lost in touch with them. then he met the Nurse just by walking on the street and that's were the story continues ion the talk! but then this is the cool thing, when he was baptized in Bosnia they wanted to make it special for him and their is now where to baptize cause there is  not a church building so cause he was the only member so it was held in the elders apt  so they payed some money and he got baptized in a swimming pool of a  5 star hotel!   So it was super special for him and so they said when i go to Bosnia if i do, which i really want to go there the most,  I will most likely pay some money and hold baptisms there and will get to meet Valentino!  apparently we have 30 missionaries in my mission now,. but when we get there while i am there the number is expected to go up to 70!  

Did u know Croatia invented the TIE! So they have the best ties over there so be ready for a package of them! Ans that famous basketball player Kosovic that played at BYU did the translation for the Book of Mormon to Croatian, but now they are coming out with a new one soon cause its really really old Croatia.  New York Times just did an piece on Croatia, it was written July 7 so look it up!  i really cant believe that i have been here all summer and how fast it has gone bye!  Well i have not check out and pressing forward as i have continue to study but i have been going be at 12 every night cause we just stay up talking to the girls! The other night i laughed so hard i made the Asian face! yikes it just came out! Speaking of Asian I have a new bff who is going to Asian but from Australian she lives is a Penthouse there and her dad also has a house in Hawaii so she said i must come visit her! she is the sweetest thing ever as she heart attacked my whole zones door back inside the residents hall!  He name is sister Choi! she is also beautiful! I have met amazing people form all over here that I'm going to stay in touch with forever!  Yes mom me and Kat have become great friends as we see each other are with each other 24/7 cause we are in the same class which we have 10 hours a day. I stop by Alexis room every night as her roomies think i am crazy probs and i see Taylor all the time !  but i had a really good experience with her! we see so many tender mercies here and i was able to be part of one as it was 8 pm and my class for some reason got out early  so we went to study out side and guess who i saw! Alexis! She was having a hard day  and i though it was ironic how Monday of my first week i had a break down too!  Hahaha she just walked into the laundry  room as im speaking! But I was so happy i could help as i new exactly what she was feeling!  GOD is great as he work other peoples thought process to help out just one person who is in need!  We never finish early and yet he made my teacher end class to study outside! I brings be back to one of my fave talks by Bednar saying if we are a good girl or boy doing whats right we just have thees nice thoughts and think nothing of it but  another person it could change their life. Those as also promptings of the spirit that we are not aware of.  Look up Patterns of Light by Bednar  on Mormon Messages  cause i love how he says we don't need an angel to tell us to be better and know we are loved, but that's why he sends us our angel mother " to get through the day, to help us grow  to feel of Christ pure love, Aden mom you are an angel Mother! Thank you so much for all the dear elders!  They make my days everyday and my comp loved hers! a huge smile over came her face and just love it so so much! 

Well wed was the last day I got to tell the new missionaries that the pitchers change cause i swear they do! Then we taught our investigator who will just not commit to baptism! HE had been so hard to teach but its good practice for the field!  Nissa i don't know if you heard me but I sang happy birthday to u as i ran outside to watch all the fire works that were going on here! I was surprised that we didn't do anything here but because Fire works are my fave I ran from place to place to see them!  yesterday i had training all day and it was long but good as the second half they showed the video of the churches around till the world getting missionary work done and my countries were not even touch! I'M Just want to know where i am going first and to meet these people! Blair don't worry these places are very safe and the people are so loving and will just love your smile!  well i have to pack up everything today to i love you all and will talk to u on Monday! 
love sestra peterson!

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