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I CANT EVEN EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!! AHHHHHH OH MY GOSH YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEMILY I CANT EVEN EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ARE U READY??????  WE JUST FOUND OUT THAT A NEW COUNTRY IS ADDED IN OUR MISSION! ANY GUESSES!? WELL IT THE COUNTRY OF MONTENEGRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited! We found out in Sunday and i have been dying to tell y'all! So now our mission has 5 countries in it but i will only go to 4 probs cause i wont go to Slovenia cause they have there own teacher and own class just for that country but im glad i got called speaking Croatian cause i really will get to go to all my countries they said  and 3 out of those countries speak Serbian so i need to get really good at the cryrillic alphabet cause we are learning it on our own for the most part! So in class we have started singing more Serbian now then Croatian  but speaking wise they sound almost the same  ex for a few words!  And apparently Prez Row likes to send new sisters to new open countries or a very good chance i will go to Montenegro first!  apparently a church building got build in Croatia!!! The work is starting to build up there!  

I wake up at 5 30 to study the Croatian Book of Mormon  then gym at 6 and then during study time i ready the English and at night i write in my journal and then read the little baby kid BOM stories with the pic in it that we have at home in Serbian. SO I'm the First to wake up and the last to go to bed! I know shocker that I'm the last one to go to bed when i was the first one ... besides Nissa to pass out at home!ha  We will be like Travis and teaching ton of English  classes in my mission as well! PS did i mention i suck at English and i basically learning 3 languages here cause I'm learning English over again too! like indirect objects and yeah well its bad haha but I'm sure y'all are not surprised! bust apparently i the lord likes my English cause i will be teaching haha!  Its now staring to get real and crunch time is now!  I have never wanted a p day so bad cause for the first time  here i have on my schedule to nap haha!  My brain was dead as the other day we made up cheer  and skits to remember all there cases and as when other start talking me and my comp go in the other room to study we have 6 cases so its going to be a challenge ha! but I want to go their to see where i will be assigned but at the same time i just feel like me comp is just taking off with the language and im coming along slowly!  

This week was filled with every emotion as as i felt hollow on Saturday cause i felt like the spirit was not as strong as it was sometimes as when i was at home like burning  when i should be feeling it 24/7 here but then my comp cave me great advice that  here we always have it and its all about endurance  but at home we have it only like on Sundays. So i look at it like running, Here we have it as its a marathon runner  but at home i used to be a sprinter and could feel the impact immediately! At home Sunday was a sprint a boost of energy as i felt the spirit right away for me but here sometimes its can be harder to tell cause its that slower building up feel that keep on going!  enduring to the end   is what its about and finding how to endure in all thing! we taught that in TRC the other days to a member  actually my comp super cute friend! I love TRC cause i reminds me that i know more than i think as we don't use notes anymore!  But anyways then Sunday came and it was testimony meeting and it was just great! i bore my testimony and other around me really brought the spirit! The lord truly uses other around us to be our angels.  Our zone is such a strong special zone with so many different stories and hardships that have made them the strong person they are today as on person father died, other father was in jail something he didn't do it,  another person went to live with this other family cause for a year before going on his missioning he went through a problem alcohol and other things that he found out that brought him to a low point  so he picked himself up and moved from home and is a change person. It so amazing because I look at them and see them as people who have the light of Christ in their eyes and cant even imagine them as anything less then what they are!  People can change and never put limits on anyone one.  There testimonies are just so rock solid! 

So Sunday was great and then Monday SOMEONE put the iron so hot that it MELTED on of my shirts! haha just my luck! the only time i decide to iron my clothes of course it would get get a hole in it and be melted haha! But on the bright side I got an amazing Package for my college rommies! I love them so much! it was filled with just the best stuff ever as everything was pink! i amtruly blessed to have the most amazing friends!  An then surprise Janet Lake sent me a package of the most amazing Cinnamon rolls! they had a surprise filling inside! i didn't even know that existed! Thank you so much!!!! They made my day!!!!!  Ya ll are too sweet! 
Then Bulgarians left but their plane got cancelled so they were here for another day ha, hope that does not happen to me! we got new sisters in our room, it was had at first cause it was nice having space but u love helping them out as they ask question and i know exactly what that were thinking!  I really feel old here now hahah as we have everything down to a tea!  we have class about 8 hours a day and then gym an hour and then out side the class we do a computer program they says the world and we repeat it back for an hour. together we learn about 13 hours a day!  oh did you get the article of me in the new paper! my photo is in it! ill send it to you in another email!  but everything is going good as the lord hears and answers all his children's prayers i know this to be true!
love you love and love
Sestra peterson!

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