Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/29 Letter

Hey Ya'll! 

This morning was the best every as a watched the best videos from the family!  I was laughing so hard!
Another week has flown by  as we were running back and worth. 

This week we found 6 new investigators but sadly we had no investigators at church. But less actives are starting to come back so that great!  This week we met a girl from Wisconsin who is living here for 9 months and it was really fun being around her. Then as we were running everywhere we finally had a free day where we just contacted all day.  It was amazing as we said ok we are going to have a 20  min conversation this this guy. Next thing you know we totally did! Then we saw another lady right after and said ok lets go round 2 go big or go home baby as we were going to have another 20 min conversation with his mom and her 2 kids! Ask and ye shall receive-as we totally did!  

We gave out 2 books of Mormon in a part of town where before it was impossible to even talk to people for 5 min! the Lord is truly working miracles here! Then we had a lesson with this lady who is really poor and it was so humbling as we played soccer with her 10 year old  son who crushed up paper and tape for a ball. Then we truly met this woman on the street and her daughter and started talking to them. I felt that I needed to tell her that she is a daughter of God. Her her eyes became glossy as she was about to cry! She said, " Please come to my house anytime!" She is so prepared! I cant wait to meet with her!! 

So funny story for the week! I was late and i i was just not really feeling contacting cause we were doing it all day so we were walking by our investigators house... but she just moves cause her parents are moving into that house now. so being the person i am...  i was like lets go meet here parents! And i kind of had to go to the bathroom so i was like lets just go and ask to use to bathroom. So i totally knocked on there door and was like "I'm a friend of your daughter ... can I use the bathroom?" I bet that's a new door one liner for some people haha! Her father was so nice and was like come back anytime and his wife was not there so we had to leave but we will come back another time ha it was so funny!  
This week because i am presidents little experiment, cause we have gotten the most investigators in the mission.
He is looking forward to an energetic presentation from Sisters Peterson and Marlow. So pray for us because we don't exactly have 30 yet. I think we have hit a record in the mission for investigator in a month. I'm trying to work my big Texas heart! 

I'm so grateful for the opportunities God had given me everyday. I praise His name and love him so much-he is so great!

Love y'all lots,
setra peterson

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