Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/06 Letter

This was an amazing week once again! The work is moving his work here in Bosnia  and im so blessed to be watching it unfold right before my eyes!  

Sadly my eyes did not see any of conference.  we every  but we space them out so every third Sunday we watch two conference talks during sacrament meeting cause we dont have enough members to speak.  But we will watch them over our lunch breaks. we invited Marija (been a member for 2 weeks) to zone conference to do role plays and she just killed it!!!!  she role played street contacting the 5 min way and wow everyone was blown away!!! it was perfect!!!  So she is coming to the next zone conference. Then she asked if her husband  would be on a lesson with us and he said yes!!! So now her husband is an investigator! She was so great as she was winking to us the whole time like good job and well it was perfect!  

Then this English guy is a great investigator and told his brother about the church and his brother said he wants to read the book of Mormon! This investigator well doesn't believe in anything right now but is searching! And then our heard quarter referral  said " i just wanted to say thank you cause now i pray every night just giving thanks to god and i feel so much peace in my life!!!" She prayed on her own!!!!  we just looked at her and said well that's what we wanted to talk to you about today ha! then she said her husband said" your going to be a Mormon in a month and she was like.. well what if i do!"  wow  malo pa malo but she is just getting it!!!!  so everything is great!  I love being sister trainer leader cause i feel like i have really helped out the sister . On Wednesday we  went to Zagreb for leadership council and we talked a lot about our Facebook page go like our Banja Luka english page!  And then i taught  how to do street contacting and how to have 10 min lesson  and then i read this amazing quote Elyse said to me by brother Holland and everyone loved it!  That about it this week we only had 3 member at church and the just us 4 missionaries and senior couple, but the spirit was very strong during the meeting. we might be small but we are strong in spirit! That all for now! have a great week! 

с лјубавју
сестра питерсин 

PS I died my hair ombre to blond i really like being  blonde as its more me but i still have half brown .. the more grown up side of sister peterson haha 

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