Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/13 Letter

This week was the best week on my whole mission! Miracles do happen!!! When I first came to Banja Luka I was told that we were just trying to be friends here. This is because people had some bad persecution over here. So I have been really trying to figure out how to do the work over here and then we had a great interview with president Grant and he was just so amazing as he gave us some great ideas to  build the work and talked alot about faith and trusting in boldness! Don't be scared just go up to talk to people no matter what have nothing weaving. Don't use English class but go straight in to the gospel the people are prepared here! 

So this on Friday we were really feeling the spirit, being positive trusting, and being bold. We had faith no matter what! Shoot I felt like a new missionary again. These past 3 days the Lord prepared 7 new investigators for  us we gave out 11 book of Mormons! We will need a new case of books soon! Sister Rankins told us last Saturday that there's a investigator who has been investigating for 8 months is going to get baptized. So we fast and prayed so hard for her to be prepared -because she has been asked so many times. With this who new being bold and trusting in the Lord and his timing- He is truly bound when he is bound! 

Sunday we walked into church and guess who was there? PRESIDENT ROWE! HE HAD BUSINESS HE HAS TO DO HERE SO HE WILL BE HERE FOR ABOUT 6 DAY! So he spoke then we sang, and the spirit was so strong!! We had 2 investigators at church and we invited 2 students from English who are going to be our investigators came to church and really loved it! So then this lady who we were going to ask to get baptized, we had president Rowe on the lesson with us, and we asked her and she said, "One day." and then we were bold and she said, "Yes!" So THIS WEEK MARIJA IS GETTING BAPTIZED SO PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS!!! ON SATURDAY WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM!!!!! IT WAS THE BEST AS WE LOVED TEACHING WITH PRESIDENT ROWE AND THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!! HE SAID THAT WAS THE PERFECT LESSON THAT WE TAUGHT! 

Miracles do happen if we have faith. That means faith in the Lords timing. Faith in repentance seeing with a different vision trying to see what god wants us to see! His timing is perfect!  So for the past two day we have been with with President Rowe- but now he has to go back to work here! gosh i could listen to his wisdom all day! Then we just found out for transfers I am staying here as sister training leader but  will have a new sister who has been only out for 9 weeks so im so excited to finish her training her name is Sister Marlow.  Between a baptism, President Rowe, more investigators then ever before, giving out more Book of Mormons then ever before,all because of faith, boldness and trusting in the Lord more so then ever before! God is great!!! Let's get the work moving!  Love my life.
sestra peterson 


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