Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/22 Letter


This week we were running around with our heads cut of like chickens getting things ready but in the end it was it was a very spiritual calm peaceful event! Let's start with an out line of this week. On Tuesday we surprised Elder Davison (senior couple) and I decorated the church for this birthday... we used colored toilet paper cause we do not have streamers here.. and then then we said one more good bye to President Rowe. 

After that we had a ton of new students come for English class.  We taught English at the children's  hospital Tuesday and wed. I love this opportunity to serve in the hospitals, like in Rijeka we taught English to the mental handicap, and in Banja Luka we teach every Tuesday and Wednesday English and play games with them. The children are 6-17 years old! I love just being with them-it's really made me think about what I truly want to do after my mission. 

Then the parties and festivities really started as we got on the bus to pic up sister Marks for the baptism! We woke up at 4:30 and didn't come home to about 2 from traveling.  I just feel like dad-as we always travel now and from country to country or for exchanges, which are like 3 or 4 hours always. But its really fun. It was amazing seeing sister Marks!!! She is my best Texas friend who i have not seen in forever! We have never had a sleep over or exchange  or served in the same area or country really so it was a great!  Sister Rankin, Marks,  and i are best friends-aka three musketeers but we have never all been together and our dreams came true!  And it just got betting as it was sister Rankin's  birthday! She turned 21 so we threw her a surprise party! The Balkans is like the worlds best keep secret but is funny how thy don't really know how to keep a secret. everyone was like ..oh the party tomorrow... haha but we covered it up really well so she was surprised! 

The next day we were getting everything ready for the baptism as it was just us and the elders putting it all together cause the senior(branch president)  was out of town till 2. Can I just say it was such a humbling experience as you will never guess where we had the baptism .... IN the KITCHEN!  IT WAS THIS LITTLE POOL AND A SMALL LITTLE KITCHEN.  Let me just tell you about Marija is the owner of the building for the church and and the the first one to be baptized in it ( just sounds to perfect)  she is the start  and a key puzzle piece to a work here in Banja luka.  she is going to be the glue to hold this branch together. Sister marks and sister Rankin gave a talk and i sang the john the Baptist song.  the spirit was so strong as tears were flooding her eyes.  she looked like a princess dressed in white as she was just glowing. Then the senior couple baptized her  and she was so happy! she said i just feel so clean! I HAVE NEVER SEEN A PERSON SO RADIANT BEFORE!  
 I don't think you realize how amazing it was how these people who have dark eyes over here ad have been effected by so much pain and how this gospel truly has not only a spiritual effect on someone but a physical effect on someone as well. Even from when i met her she had oped up and she is so much more happy! this is only the true thing that matters in life that truly has a life time effect on us. She kept on say I feel so happy   I have never felt this happy in my whole life!  I think that is also who we get baptized when we are 8 or older cause god wants us remember this amazing feeling  cause its the best in the world!  So i made her a lemon scripture cake like i had a my baptism..

 I'm not no Wendy Peterson but it didn't turn out to bad!  Then On Sunday president grant came down with and she was confirmed. IT was a great/ sad Sunday as sister Rankine said she good bye talk and it just hit me that im going to be a reck when i have to say good by cause i love it here. i honestly think i might come and live here in these countries cause i cant  leave. There is so much work to do the gospel is needed so badly here. So now we have about 7 active members in Banja Luka.

Then we a lunch after church and just tracked  for about an hour with sister Rankin and my new companion she is a ginger haha. She is just a only been out one transfer and very different from me but it will be great, she is great, I'm excited to learn alot this transfer  have more baptisms  and just work my heart out! It was so sad as we were just tracking we tracked into this lady who is very sick, (I think she has Parkinson or something), but i just sat there looking at her just thinking I just wish Christ would came and heal you right now. One day she will have a perfect body!  God is great and he has a great plan which is fair to everyone. I could not be happier right now and This is truly what life is about, serving other and bringing them closer to Christ.  

с лјубавју 

сестра питерсон 

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