Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3/17/14 Letter

Elder Faznat called me and said, "SISTER PETERSON YOUR HAVING A BABY!!!"  I never thought I would hear that on my mission!! haha. (It means I'm going to be a trainer to a brand new missionary, which are called baby.)" I wasn't shocked cause President told me the day before i would be training one of the two sister coming from America.  
This week was the best week of filled with so many miracles and amazing things! i truly saw the Lord's hand in all things!  So to start us off I will talk about the amazing sisters conference! All the 30 sisters from from all the countries got together got together for a fun spiritual day! We all spent the night in the mission home cause its huge!! It has a tennis court and swimming pool (i wanted to jump in so bad)! Each of the sister training leaders prepared a lesson over like stress management, emotional things and the language of faith in all things! It was so awesome the spirit was so strong the who time!  Blair they talked about all the key indicators in your spent program but didn't think of the cool name SPENT!  After that we had free time- when we played nerts or peanuts. Others were singing on the piano or talking taking pictures. It was so fun just to be in the mission presidents house playing with his kids and to see president get in the games and sing with us!  I brought out the orange Texas jump suit to show president. haahah  It was so funny- and the next thing i know he puts on his BYU shirt from 25 years ago and comes walking down the stairs to show me! It was so great to see that funny side of him what people don't see. ahah He just wanted to be part of the girls sleepover and I'm a got the pic to prove it!!!  Then we had FHE with his family as his daughters taught it about James 1: 5 in the Bilble. They used the missionary tool to teach: ask inspired questions, testify, and promise. Prez Rowe talked about how we will use these tools now as missionaries to be the best mothers and to teach our children and prepare them for their mission. I truly saw how important FHE is and i cant wait to make that a priority in my house. I shared a comment about  in verse 6:
"But let him aask in bfaith, nothing cwavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed."  
I talked about how i was in Cali with Elyse 2 years ago and how we went out to far and next thing u know we were both under the water a long time and i though to myself wow i really need some air soon. Then i got out from the waves but Elyse was not and i could not find her but just saw waves keep coming. If we have wavering faith... if we go where the waves are bigger than normal  then its a good chance that bigger waves will keep on crashing on top of us letting us not breath or blocking us from getting our answer. We have to stay next to the shore where there is peace where there is no waves no distractions in life  from getting our answer. We have to have absolute faith if we really want an answer.
So then the next day i punched on the punching bag they have in the house and President said i could buy one for the rijeka apt if i wanted to!!! It felt so good to use the punching bag again and i will buy one for the apt! Then I organized a football game, (i mean it's just in my blood). After, we had scripture study and then we talked about grace which I really need to hear about. After that we had a testimony meeting and man there was not a dry eye in the place. the spirit as so strong!!!!  It like youth girls camp testimony but on steroids!!  then we left and prez pulled me aside and said, "So how do u fell about training?" The rest is history. Sister conference came at the right time for everyone as all everyone felt like they were in a slump and just a block in the road-like at the low point of a wave and a sisters conference we talked about that and now everyone life the conference left with that fire in our bones again to work our hardest!   
Then we came back to an amazing lesson with Antonija and her family and her son received a blessing. He has to go to Germany to have his eye fixed or he will go blind in one eye-and antonija has no money.  Antonija has some of the strongest faith i have ever seen  and i had a feeling to tell her husband that there son can be healed if he has faith in all things. Her husband has been in on a few lessons but it has not been first on his mind. After we started talking about faith. I talked about Elyse how she has had a lot of problems with her leg but through blessings she has been able to recover every time. Then he started to cry as he said I have faith, from the first time i met you my home felt different. When antonija was in the hospital for 3 weeks, no one saw here, not even our parents, but then i called here and heard  y'all were there right next to her brought tears of joy to my face. Wow ok now i started crying cause the spirit was so Strong. I could see him understand and feel the Holy Ghost and wanting to come closer to Christ!  We asked him to get baptized and he said YES!!!!  ahhh Wow! Talk about the best moment of my life!!  Sometimes it truly takes hard trials to see that we need Christ help and what we can not walk this path alone! I WILL NEVER Forget THAT MOMENT! That's why i am here and its is bringing me the most joy then i ever had in my life!
Then we had another lesson with a less actives wife who is not a member and we talked about how the judgment and grace and mercy. It's not going to be a scary thing cause the the Lord will  be there pleading our case saying please use the atonement I died for you, use me! She loves weight training so i spoke and my mouth was fill with not my words but the Lords as grace is like lifting weights. He is our spotter. When we are bench pressing and we think we cant do it anymore Christ does not just lift up the bar for us cause then we all know will be mad at our self saying shoot i could have gotten that one last rep!  but he slowly helps us out  just giving us that little extra strength support so we can really feel like we accomplished it, that we gave it our all and got that last rep. When we repent its not going to be easy and its going to make u shake and soar  but u will become a better and stronger person because of it! Then she said, "Everything u said i felt it was true. I want to read the book of Mormon now and I will pray to know if it is true!"  It was so amazing and once again the spirit was so s strong!  

Well that's about all I have time for- I love my mission. I'm really so blessed to be here in this mission!

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