Monday, March 10, 2014

3/10/14 Letter

Uvijek Dobro Jutro!!!

Hallo!!! All girls raise your glasses (with sok) because yesterday was the Day of Women!!!  Its where girls get a rose! It's kinda of like Mother's Day but four ALL women.

Well this week is transfers so I'm nervous!! i love my companion but i think she is leaving cause she has been here for a long time-but we will see. I am understanding the language which is nice and its crazy how time is flying!!

We had a lesson with Blanka about the the Plan of Salvation or the Plan of Happiness. It's the plan that God has prepared for us for how we can return to live with him again. The plan answers where we are going after this life  what is our purpose here on this life. Blanca is an English student and man she just gets it!! wow I just love her as she just call us her little beautiful teachers haha!  I Love teaching the plan of happiness because it makes so muchsense!!!

This life is a time for us to be tested  to act on our faith to grow and over come obstacles and to lean on our savior who gave his all for us. And through him we can live with our family forever! That's what Antonia loved because she lost her baby girl (her son Filip's twin sister) after she was born.

 "If God truly loves us then he would want us to live with our family's forever and not just death do us part." Well, Antonia's family i just love that her boy friend is becoming more interested in the lessons!!! 

Then we talked with this one one girl in our building who  who plays the piano and studies voice like me! We were invited into her church and we sang together. Then she said, "Lets sing in church together and i will play." (I'm not pianist anymore cause they need my voice to sing haah) I was SO excited  and then we had the questions of the soul open on the table and she was said, "I would like to know the purpose of life and can this book really answer it?"

YES!  So we told her about it and she now has a Book of Mormon, and we are like best friends now. But then on Sunday she said she couldn't sing in church with us because the Catholic priest doesn't allow is to go to other churches. (I was thinking wow that's real Christ like.) I was like i am a missionary right now and i been to the Catholic church... with so many Churches on the earth today don't u want to know what ones for u? She said, "i have grown up a catholic and its like a sin to leave the church here."  

I was so sad to see the fear she had if she went to come sing and play the piano for us. so instead  we are just going to sing the song we practiced for an aktivnost on Friday cause we didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. On Tuesday we went to investigators house for her sons 4th birthday which was way fun! well that's about all here!!! God bless all!!!
xoxox Sestra peterson

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