Friday, January 10, 2014

12/30/13 Letter

Wow it's it really over and gone! Holy cow time is flying!!!! Happy New Years Eve and New Years! 

Well Christmas was amazing cause i got to talk to y'all! It broke my heart when i heard Kai Kai (that's how they spell it in Croatian) said " i missed u when u left, when are u coming back!" My heart!!! i just want to give all the little kids the biggest hug in the world!!! 

On Christmas eve or badnjak we made cookies and delivered them to peoples houses! them at the church we got together and made gingerbread house! lets just say mine looked the best from all the years of experience i have =)  well then we went in the center of the town and the night before Christmas i was about to go "but then i thought..umm... better not!"  lots of bands are out playing and everyone is drinking then church service starts at like 12 at night! 

On Christmas i had to keep the tradition alive as i hid me companion gifts from her family as we made pancakes and muffins!  then after our Christmas morning was over we went to the amazing family house where they cooked this amazing meal of Croatians special meat with amazing cabbage(like they make it all hear and its so good!)  but first we always start with soup  then we potatoes bread and  about 5 desserts! it was so good!  then she asked for me to sing for her as a Christmas gift! so i did that and after i learned how to play chess..... I'm not well.... the best, but i try ahah. then i talked to my amazing family and after that the Senior couple made an amazing Texas chill as they lived in Austin! it a first that we have a district with no people from Utah in it, and everyone is so surprised cause everyone that served here is from Utah!  well then we went out and Christmas caroled to more people! that was my Christmas! it was good!  

Here people put up the Christmas tree the night before Christmas and leaves it up till the 6 we three kings day!  and here the 26 is also a holiday too!  So the one 26 we went to look in this beautiful catholic church. It's had these amazing shells filled with holy water and this beautiful nativity set! As the service was going on  and people were chanting and holding the beads with the cross i had the biggest confirmation that the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS  is the true church on the earth.  Though crossed my mind our savior Jesus did not give his sermons in these big beautiful buildings but in a peaceful humble place like around nature. It made me think that the churches here are small but the people are humble and u get a totally different feel when u walk into our church as it is simple but beautiful and u can feel a light happy feeling when u enter. How lucky are we!  

Then on Sunday we taught the preacher and he is very smart about the bible, but like how William Tyndale said, 

"If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plough to know more of the Scripture, than he doest." (Talking about the king of England.)

That statement is so true that as boys and girls, we go out and preach this Gospel about the the bible and book of Mormon how they go together and how not one is great but equal. As I was talking with this 65 year old man who write books on the bible, I could quote Scripture right back with him. He said I study the bible an hour a day, and i think he was surprised when I said, Good me too!  he said he has a lot of respect for us that was are so bold to do this in a different. And i just said we have the same God, same savior same bible and that the bible and now Christ church is restored on the earth just when Christ walked on the earth as we have 12 apostles, revelation and priesthood!  how lucky are we. well we prayed for him and then he was like oh you are in trouble i am going to start praying for u know hahaa! i said good i would like that please ahah! and he said we will so who's faith is stronger hahahah! I think he think i am going to H---. hahah. oh man fun stuff!  

Well other then that we got a ticket on our car cause we parked in the spot! European parking!!! Well don't worry i am still the same as i ran into a mail box and my head started bleeding! then as i touched my hair! i chunk of hair fell out of my head!!! my worst fear was happening before my eyes!!! ahhhhh!!!! like a chunk!!!! well as my shirt was covered in hair i realized it a day later that the mail box edge cut my hair!!! so now i have like a bald spot in my hair!!! what the freak!!! other than that i love it here and it is beautiful! i gave my first talk, but i forgot like half of it haha! 
hope all is well! 
 sestra peterson!

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