Monday, January 27, 2014

1/20/14 Letter

“Our opportunities to give of ourselves are indeed limitless, but they are also perishable. There are hearts to gladden. There are kind words to say. There are gifts to be given. There are deeds to be done. There are souls to be saved.
President Monson

SHOOT IT IS RAINING CATS And DOGS HERE EVERYDAY!! i have never seen so much rain in my life, but its fun=)
I love it here! i live next to the sea, i have a great companion and i really like the people i have met. right when the transfer is about to be over i finally feel like i know how to do missionary work in this city! 
Well this week  was a little slow in start but i had a lot of goals to reach! my goals were to just listen to motab for a week and see if i felt the spirit more then EFY, but after the trial run to be honest i didn't feel a difference. Well I have also started listening to a conference talk every single day as that is one of my new goals for the new year. I love it! Two talks are only about 15 min long and i just listen to them when i get ready! It makes a big difference in one's life i promise you this. 

In zone conference we talked about how in the morning when u first wake up those first few hours really make or break your day so do what ever u can to really be in tune with the spirit!  We have so many talks for us so USE THEM!  I have seen how it really makes my day ten times better!
This week started slow as everyone cancelled on us!  so it was off to tracking a tone cause we had like to one to teach, but then came Sunday!  in Sunday i gave my FIRST TALK IN CROATIAN , and man i was so nervous but i think it went really well, and then the missionaries all sang! We had a student from English class there and she was like "Oh i love the way i feel in this church." Then this member who brought a friend, and she has for 4 children and we are going to start teaching her! Then  we took the bus cause the senior couple feeds us every Sunday.  On the bus i gave this girl some glow stick and then it stated a conversation with her father and then i let my comp talk to this dad while i contacted  this other lady on the bus and we totally got her number! I was just like "Can i have it, can i have it?" ahha and turnes out she lives really close to us!
Then we were tracting and this one guy like opened the door like half way then closed it in our face, and then i was no lets just wait... then we knocked again and he was just like come on in!  so we gave him a lesson then his wife walked in the door with there 15 daughter!!!  we totally gave them a lesson and  were so nice and want us to come back!  then we sang for them cause my comp likes to sing to!  i have never sang more in my life then on my mission every where i go i am asked to sing which i love!  Me and my comp came out screaming cause we felt so good!!!! When u have things happen like that your world is on fire and its the best feeling in the world! the we were contacting up a storm and we contacted this model who has a Italian model boyfriend! She is awesome and we are going to hang out and then we are going! She said she is different cause is she not one of those model who is going to be used  she has better values then that! 
WOW  Sunday was just golden as it was raining so hard but i prayed that people would still come and it was a miracle that people still came!   There is no better joy that when u share the gospel, I have never felt this kind of joy before! this gospel is so true and I'm loving doing the work and sharing it with the people here! 
love y'all lots and have a great day! 
sister peterson 

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