Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 LONG letter

 "Correction is vital if we would conform our lives “unto a perfect man, [that is,] unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13). Paul said of divine correction or chastening, “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” (Hebrews 12:6). Though it is often difficult to endure, truly we ought to rejoice that God considers us worth the time and trouble to correct. Divine chastening has at least three purposes: (1) to persuade us to repent, (2) to refine and sanctify us, and (3) at times to redirect our course in life to what God knows is a better path.

I listened to this talk “As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten,” By D. Todd Christofferson Sunday morning  and everything became clear!   Past events that happened about month ago truly brought to my knees and wanted to be better. This was a way of god telling me  "i need to cut u down so you can  want to change and be the better  then u are!"  President Rowe said "in this Mission just being good is not enough for these countries, we need miracles.. we need more" so we  really  have to go above and beyond!  As i have taken that to heart i thought how can i be better how can i be who the lord wants me to be. How can my mission truly change me!  then i read about desire and a quote saying" Being who u are is great, but as a leader we have to be something else."  As i have tried applying all this in my life i have truly seen the hand of the lord come forth before me and bless me.   the biggest thing i have done to start off the new year is listen to a conference talk day and have fasted every week for the work and with prayer the lord has seen my efforts! 

As i am writing this to you my heart is full joy and compassion for our savior who is all mighty! my whole time in Rijeka  things have been going way slow but this past 2 weeks the heavens  windows have been opened  and  there is not enough room to receive them all! Malachi 3 :10.  we gained a member referral (which is like unheard of here!) and she loved Church how she just felt like a family! so we met with her and we had two members on the lesson and the spirit was so strong! the members were just the best!  she just felt so light and happy  like heaven on earth, so i asked her the question (ps boys should not be nervous to ask girl to get married cause asking the baptismal question i think really prepares them!) "If u find out the book of Mormon is true will you get baptized?" She said, "Of course! I feel it its true!"  WOW! ON THE SECOND LESSON! She lives with with her boyfriend and has 4 kids and one of hers children just pasted away. she is the sweet thing i have ever met!  so now we just have to talk to the boyfriend- but he said we could come back!  

Then on Friday we had a huge aktivnost! soo many people came like 30 people! then on sunday we  get around 20 people at church, but we had 52 there! we had 3 investigator and 3 potential investigator who we invited!  we got a new senior couple who are from Hawaii who are Asian and the babbles felt! so sad. then president Rowe was there! We were in shock. Right before president row interview me, Antonija (our baptism), said, "My friend will be here in 5 min TO MEET Y'ALL i just want u to give her a book of Mormon and meet people  so she can feel like how i was feeling!" so we met her friend and wow she was like ok here is my number and see me this week so i can talk about the church! WHAT THE HECK ARE U KIDDING ME?  IT WAS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE! I JUST DID NT KNOW WHAT TO DO!  i ran down the streets of EUROPE DOING LEAPS SCREAMING !I LOVE MY LIFE I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  

Then president Rowe wanted to have a interview and when i told him what i have told u he had tears in his eyes and just said you are an amazing missionary and know that i love u!  he said i could tell something has changed about u!  i feel a different spirit, a stronger spirit about u then i have before.  it was just so nice to hear that hard work is paying off and people can see it!

After the lesson and i had really fish!!!! white fish from the sea!!! i was nervous but it was really good and didn't smell!   and then our investigator was life forcing me to drink wine and just said, look here is a spoon, just try it! so we gave them the word of wisdom! i have never been pressured so much in my life! shoot if i didn't beak it in college or high school there was not way i was breaking it on my mission!   but then after last night we went to a Catholic church with one of our potential investigator and then she texted us this morning saying " i am so grateful to have met u, u make me want to be better and i feel a light around you! so now we are going to ask her if she wants the lesson! 

Then this morning i was reading some blessings and as i was reading i was brought to my knees to thank our Father in Heaven for all he as given me and as then i felt this joy fill my whole body as i almost had tears in my eyes as i felt this peace saying "Yes, this is who i want u to be, you are on the right path!" i have only felt like this only a few times in my life! Just remember we one day it will all  be made clear why we have the challenges we do but they are for the better to bring us closer to our savior and get to know him more!  I love it here and the work and the people! and my district and my companion! 
sister peterson!
missions are the best as you really find out who u are! 

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