Friday, January 10, 2014

01/06/14 letter


The days have been flying by here like i am living in a dream! Well lets just say i have never hates holidays but it really slows down the work as no one wants to meet, but today was the last of it so I'm really ready to spring up and start! As Sister Frampton would say "NEVER STOP STARTING."  

Well on Monday, on our way home we saw our first African here!!! so we hunted him down and followed him cause we have to talk to him!  shoot i am training to be an agent or something we liked walked passed him and we didn't have a conversation so  we walked into two other stores and just like waited and then walked passed him and talked to him! he is from Niagara and it gets better as he and 5 others play for the city team here in rijeka!   So we totally met up with them in the church and played in the church!! if they can be baptized my life would be complete! then on news years we woke up at 12( well u really could not sleep) to see the million of fireworks over here and  ever second it sounded like bombs going off! i have never heard anything like it! we got out sparkling cider and took lots of videos! then the senior couple made us a great breakfast! Well then i found out that the cops have been hunting me down in varažđin  as they came to the house there cause i need my visa, then as we were tracking i said hi to a cop and then he started question, so that's my life haha.  
So who wants to hear an amazing story!  Well on new years we had this impression to visit less active  and so we did. now we have tried to see this person like 10 time but she was not home, and to our surprise this poor girl answered with tears in her eyes! it was her birthday and no one saw here, new years, and she just found out that her grandpa had cancer!  the spirit can work in small ways to bring forth big blessings to others. we sang to her and the elders gave her a blessing. the lord truly cares about all his children.  well i love my ward and this week we had 32 people at church! they were amazed! we had 1 investigator and 1 less active!  

Then yesterday we were walking in the rain for like  2 hours and it led us to his less active house and his non member wife house so we fave her a lesson and she had chills when we were talking about the BOM she knows its true and she is excited for us to come again!  I think i felt the spirit the most then i have on any other lesson! 
i love it here and the people and the branch! I'm am excited for this new  year and to fulfill new goals!
love y'all lots
123 sister peterson

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