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12/23/2013 Letter

Wow, it felt like Christmas in varaždin but here by the sea its not that cold so i don't feel like it's Christmas! Well dobro došli to me to rijeka! this place is much bigger -I felt like i was living in New York or something! i just can't imagine the shock i will get when i come back to America! I really like it here- people are still up and about past 7pm!  it rains everyday here but i look out my window and see islands. And the water is really clear! how lucky am i? everything is on hills so i get a work out in!  I have never been to San Fran but i heard  its kind of like that there with the hills and the sea!

My week has been crazy with parties, packing, preaching! My bags weigh about 70 pounds each so my shoulder almost broke off and then the next day it was so soar! Well all this week i was saying good bye to people and having my last lessons with them.  it was so sad! On Wednesday we had a English good bye party and we played the reindeer game that i learned from Briana and we had a magic show! wow the magician was amazing (our English student ) so crazy! and then it got better and i got the best surprise of my life!!!! Santa cause to the good bye party!!!! my mouth dropped to the floor!  i had not clue who it was but i loved it so much!  then after that we had the missionary Christmas party the next day! it was so fun to have everyone from 5 countries be together again! when we sang song we a new person serving in a different country came up and leaded us in Christmas carols right now Croatia has the most missionaries in it! well i was having a fun time dancing in my seat when this old senior sister pulled me up from the crowed and made me sing and dance and lead one of the song... so embarrassing!!! my face was as red as Santa suit!  

It was way fun as for the white elephant give mine made the top 7 best gifts as i have a hot pink sparkle tie with some negro candy!  then we played this really fun game where all the girls had scarfs and boys had ties and ever time in the Christmas story it said right or left we had to pass our scarf that way! then we played the candy bar game ex you put on the gloves and hat! it was snowing in Zagreb! then we had a devotional and dinner and i was off with my new companion to rijeka

On the bus i talked to this one girl who is 19 and she was like "wow you have so much positive energy and i love how you care to much!" i started talking about the church and when our 2 hour bus ride was over i gave her a book of Mormon and she was like, "What up love this booki cant have it?"  She took it and we are planning to meet up with her soon!  Friday i met the member and it was amazing to have kids in a ward! it was so weird!  and then they said "Sister Peterson u are singing on Sunday in two days!" hello ok? Sure why not? Anything for Jesus right?

On Sunday we had a Christmas sacrament and a great dinner after with the members as on member is a chef! sooo good! the branch president is a senior couple so i hear understand the meeting again haha! well also played basketball on Saturday with 2  investigators and 1 less active and then on Sunday they came to church!  it felt so good to play again!  well i am happy to say i found the next apostle! i can feel it! we traced into a preacher who is writing all these bible book and we were quoting scripture in the bible back and forth how the bible talks about the coming forth of the book of Mormon and it made me so happy as like every verse in his bible was highlighted! so we said he would read and we are going to meet with him again! I'm so excited to be teaching him! 
well marry Christmas friends and family!
talk to you soon
 sestra peterson 

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