Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/2/13 Letter

Well this week as had its up and downs as i think everything has happened, but my email has to be short to send pic!  well spanširfest  was great as as we had great sauces as we held up a English class sign  for people to sign up for English class that starts tomorrow!  we are going to have a record as  i was holding the sign and screaming FREE ENGLISH!Well this week as had its up and downs as i think everything has happened, but my email has to be short to send pic!  well spanširfest  was great
everyone was way happy and couldn't believe what we were doing! sadly we couldn't hold up any gospel related things but, everyone has been calling about coming to English class! Everything ended yesterday so now it back to every day life! We didn't get to do a whole lot this week cause we made the sign, then we would spend 3 hours holding the sign and then lessons.  then Friday surprise.... i got FOOD POISONING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!   and the sad thing is that  it wasn't even all the greasy  food at spanširfest but we think it was the beans me and my comp put in our salad to try to be healthy for once we think.....  i just woke up a 5 feeling sick  but went back to bed after an hour then at 630 my comp woke up  and said i don't feel well,  
well i guess the cool thing was that i just finished praying saying father please help me throw up to feel better  so i can do your work  and after i said amen, guess what happened... blessing do happen haha then my comp did the same thing then me again and then her and that's about it, we were keeping score but she won by one point haha to much...to soon haha sorry.
Anyways then it has been raining all week, but that didn't stop people from coming to activnost  as we had the most people come to activnost !  a guy from German who was down her at spanširfest  who does drugs and smokes saw us holding our English sign and said he wants to come back to church and right then and there he gave it up cold turkey  and the next day he came to aktivnost  and said he was about to smoke but remembered us!  the nataša who wants to be baptized came with her inactive mom who made the best pizza ever came! she loved it!  well then we went to this city called čakovets and guess what  a girl was wearing a SAN ANTONIO TEXAS SHIRT! o man i freaked!

her family lived her for a mission trip with her church!  being from Texas is the best as everyone knows where it is! 
well other than that not much has happened but because everyone smokes here that is the biggest thing we have to work on with people and right now we are trying to help one member who is just an amazing person who  is 23 and ahh just so great! so we said she stops smoking i only speak in Croatian for 10 days...
so hard and i think my comp hates me not cause I'm understanding more but she gets so frustrated with me and i feel so bad. i hate the fact that i feel like a two year old but that's all part of being humble i think..  well lets just say its p day so i spoke English... yikes!  well today i went to a beautiful castle  ahhh so beautiful!!!! wow i want to live there in the village! this might be the most beautiful place in the world!
i just acted like i was a princess ..nbd ha!  well somthing that really stuck out was 1 nephi 17:3   and also as i was reading  i loved how nephi is tied to the boat for 4 days  drowning to death  cause of the waves for the massive storm because of his brothers and yet he never complained... but after he says my hands  and feet were swollen" i praised god for humbling my brothers hearts and for watching over me"! cray cray! no matter when times are hard and it feels like god has left, don't give up hope  and thanks god for the life u have  and after the trial of your faith  get on your knees and just thank god right away! 
love u lots and got to go teach <fhe!
sestra peterson 

fell into that hole and almost went swimming  

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