Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/26/13 Letter

It is a party up in here this week!!!!!!!!!!! So many things have been going on. First off so many people are getting married!!?  and Happy Birthday to my little pretty princess Jamie!!! And to Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary to my  Grandparents!!!!

This week starting on Friday and lasting 10 days there is a huge festiveble in Varždin all Sponširfest people come from all over and sell things things and over fill the center and walk around. there are outside concerts, fireworks by the castle, people walking on stilts,  movies playing, outside plays and everything u can imagine! Tracking now is not a good idea so we made posters about English class and with all the questions of the soul.  Like the 10 different languages! Then we are pass out water saying drink of the "living waters of Christ" scripture verse of John 4:14; with Mormon. org on it! But some person got mad at us even though the people said it was ok as long as we didn't have a table up- cause we didn't pay to have a table. I think they still called the cops on us even though we moved spots cause right as we turned the corner to go home we walked into cops who looked like they were looking for some people. hahaha.

Well we have this family in čakovets who always takes care of us and we have become best friends with her daughter but we have not really brought up the gospel- so when we went to there house this week. We prayed for her to ask lots of questions and for us to give her a book of Mormon, cause last time i tried to by saying "For your kindness here is a gift cause that all i have right now." She said "No don't even worry about it," My smart plan failed!  But this time our prayers were answered and she asked lots of questions and she thought we were Jehovah Witnesses! Anyways we talked about our prophet and how we got our mission call, and i don't think she knows anything about religion so next time we are going to ask of we can teach them more about our church! I have a really good feeling about this family with 2 kids! 
We met another family who's mom was baptized but inactive, so we went to her house to try to get her active again and to our surprise we met Santa Clause who looks like he lived in Texas instead of the north pole! He was so tan but has  this long white hair, He swims everyday, and collects cactus plants!  They have had missionaries before and love Americans cause all the missionaries are Americans! The mom has a super strong testimony but i think she is ashamed cause she likes to smoke so she has not got to church. They were so welcoming and made us palačinke  in there small dirty house as their shower is outside and while we were trying to teach a lesson Santa walks over to the shower, in his swimming suit, and just rinses off ha. We taught
them yesterday and the mom said she wants to come back to church and will come to Aktivnost and cook for everyone and the daughter she will come too! I was really touched when the mother and the daughter both started talking about how when we taught them the last time the felt so happy and full of joy! They said that even their friends came about an after we life. They commented on how their place felt different and they started to act different! Natasha, the daughter, was feeling is the Holy Ghost!  We asked her to be baptized and she said she WANTS TO! But she wants to learn more first before she pics a date cause she knows baptism is important for us to return to the Father! Then we are going to teach her sister when we help her move and see her at English class!
Then Stephinia a less active we went to go see who has a very hard life. Everyone has died around her, she lives by herself, her brother is in a coma and she has major heart problems. She says she can't come to church cause like like a 20 min walk and its bad for her heart to really get out, but man does she sure have a strong testimony!!! She said, "I can see u have a lot of faith as you both just glow!"  We just had such a good talk with her and then she said she would come to church with us one Sunday! Sunday we had the most members at church i have seen - 15 people!  I was so shocked to see that many people cause with the rain no one leaves their house, Croats are very very weird about the weather. We meet in a small church building with about 3 rooms its' a very nice building.   Its so humbling to see there people walk or bike in the rain 20 mins to come to church. Our goal is to try to activate all the members cause there are 40!  We need to get people excited to come to church for growth! Speaking about getting people excited- we had a record breaking for English class sign up as we got 27 people to sign up!  It's mostly cause i stood outside waving to every car and pointed to the church building saying sign up her free English classes!  i think people standing at corners holding English signs is new for Croatians, haha but that's what got their attention to come! The people are great with helping me learn the language cause its one of the hardest to learn with all there cases but its a very slow process!  well im am about to buy everything at Sponširfest  cause its like once in a life time to get things now so ray for my wallet hahaa! 

love u love family 
thanks for the support!

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