Sunday, September 22, 2013

9/16/13 Letter

This gospel can change people and that cause they know its true people truly try try to follow the eyample and walk in christ foot steps!  FORexample Vanja, when i met her she was less active and told us that she cant stop smoking and that i dont know what its like cause everyone does it her and that she use to smoke 40 a day! well if we follow hollands example and "Hold on the ground we have already won" and act one the small things then honestly we can have a small seed of faith start to grow!   NOw by just meeting with us she has started to change  and the girl who said she cant has now been reading here scriptures for 3 hours a day and not just reading but truly studing and trying to undersatan what is happening. I could never undersatand when people said we have a light in our eyes, but now i understand as she is trying and there is a light of christ is in her! she looks diffrent and now she doesnt smoke around us and is really trying hard and wants to tell people she is mormon.  the biggest thing here is that no on here lets it be know  they are mormon and we only have one whole family in the church cause others dont share it so we are trying to bring familys together cause this goepel blessed familys more than anything. familes are so important that u not only have your family but when joining this chruch u gain another family helping one another stay on the path to grow closer to our Savior, our God. and thats what church is all about!  i heard and older couple say this and loved it "church is for sinners!" No one is perfect and we are all tryign to figure out how to be our best.  With perfect people there would be no need for church! A lot of people have fallen away cause of smoking and have little faith cause they dont think they are worthy to be there, but church is the place where sinners can try to become saints as we have to but forth the action to be better.  

I was reading in the liahona mag and it was on christ grace for us and it talked about how GRACE and how its like piano lession. have a teacher  who tells u how to pay it how when we hit the wrong notes the teacher will correct us, and then we have our parent to want us to learn and pay for the lessons. our parents have payed the price for us to learn but if we do not practice then we its a wast.  Christ has payed the price for us! Grace through the atonmnet is us having to practice to get better like to be TRANSFORMED into a mozart who still practiced everyday and even more the better he got. So  never give up. No matter how old or how small the gosple is for anyone at anytime.

Here we have a lot of less actives and we have seen how important it is to not only find new people but really have lessons with the members and less actives to make them come back to church!   And on sunday we had the MOST people come to church!!!!!!!!!!  we had 2 less actives there were going to be three but on was out of town  and 3 new investigators and 2 of them were 14 and 11 and came by themselves!  The other was the less active daughter who is 40 and has a baptizim date on oct12.  so it was so great to have a mother and a daughter there! then a member brought her son and is wife so the record was 23! we had a goal before zone conffrence to get 20 people to church and tomorrow is zone confrence!!!!!!  we tryed putting an extra row of chair to see if we could fill them and we did! The missionaries preformed "love is spoken here" with my comp on the piano i sang the girls part and the elders sang it was amazing cause they have never hear that song cause we dont have primary song transalated here so elder bates transalated it!
And never before we had an aktivnost for english adn members And the theme was mexican party cause they have NEVER HAS TACOS! they dont even know what mexican food is haha! so these kids helped me make a pinata and then rosted marshmellow which they have never done before too! it was way fun we double the turnout size last time!  oh and we has a magic show!!! #soooocool! untill he pulled out a trick with some naked girls in a book and scared some peopled haahah. he put that away reall quick!
Then we visited a less active and she said sisters make the biggest diffrence cause she has not been visited in like 5 years cause they didnt not have sisters here! so i am happy to be here and making a diffrence in peoples lives.

sestra peterson

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