Thursday, September 26, 2013

9/23/13 Letter

"The devil says look at your sins,
 the Lord says look at my son!"

Well  right now i am tying this letter with puffy fingers as last night i was "stuffed to the rafters!" i truly have never known the meaning of full until i came here!! i never want to see a hotdog again in my life!  This amazing member feeds up every wed and she is  a great cook  but man every time she makes us eat till we cant walk out the door.....  its Hansel and Gretel all over again ha.. it was pizza with hotdogs cut up! here in Croatian we have pizza, pasta, creeps,  kebob ( like shredded meat with veggies.. so good) then meat stuffed with cheese and cabbage or a tomato cabbage salad.. is so good,  but not a whole lot of different options to chose from ha.

The then night before that we went to a members house she gave us a meal that was awesome, but then dessert is a whole nother meal here as the they make u scarf  food! i think i had 10 creeps  for dessert yesterday as member just kept them coming haha and if u dont eat all of it then wow rude!! ( Elyse u are probs laughing right now cause i remember u talking about being so full!) but i am so grateful cause i hear to get feed every week is a miracle here! 

Anyways i had a miracle this week  as we have been trying to find this lady for weeks and we felt like we should not give up on her. So we were walking and saw  this lady just standing on a street corner doing nothing so i tell my comp that we should talk to her.. well are we approach her she says ooh sister peterson! i was thinking how the heck does this lady know we... well turns out that the random lady was the person we have been trying to see!!! ahhh wow that truly was a miracle that God placed her in our path cause she was like right out side our apt and so far from her house!  she said she has her religion but is open to talk so im really excited!
and also we had the senior couple leave but we still had 20 people at church! the 2 kids who are 11 and 14 came to church again and for like the first time we had a kids Sunday school!  we did an example with water how u have pure water but when Christ was killed and when his apostle were killed the gospel and priesthood left the earth.  so then we put dirt in the water and said it is still water but not its not pure like how man started taking some truth along with there own and  making up there own religions that had some truth but not the whole truth.  Then through prayer god came down and restored this whole gospel at once so man would not be led into the dark any longer through Joseph smith. The teens  who come to church alone said they knew it was true and prayed for others to know it!   they are the most well behaved teens i have ever met as they just listen and don't move in church! Peter is so funny as we call im 50 cent and learned English through watching tv.. wish i could do that with Croatian!
We had zone conference and i just love my mission president and his family!  we also have transfers coming up but i think me and my comp are staying together in varaždin! um tomorrow my comp is going to Slovenia on exchanges so i will be holding down the fort here!  ahh im so nervous pray for me!!!!  well have to go but love u all so much and congrats Heather and Zack  and know i wish i could have been there on your beautiful day! 

love y'all, sestra peteson 

PS ahhh so sad someone took out a pipe and hit the window of our church! Talk about hatred. It was definitely Satan because the church is growing so fast here. that's that.  

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