Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/9/13 Letter

Dobro jutro,

This very wet and raining morning as its thundering outside right now.

Well this week a tone of good stuff happened! First off English class was the best the have ever seen it!  all out hard work payed of as 30 people came to english!!!!!!!!!! they have never seen those numbers like that and in in such a small place like varaždin!  The members said it was a miracle!!! the crazy girl holding up a huge poster really work as i think no one does that in Europe ha! So lets hope we find people who are interested in the gospel through these classes!   Well first off  teaching is good practice for me cause i had no clue what present continuous was and well  i just dont know english! me and my comp are teaching the advanced group so i have to know my stuff! i made sure we had lots of fun games to keep them entertained and understand the concept of the grammar principal so we played Simon says and looked at pictures and they had to describe them!   ha one part i didn't know why the grammar was that way so i said, "  it cant be ANY chicken  cause any is implying like a live chicken but some is like just a piece of chicken haah! 

well we have that on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8!  One  of the goals we have is to really make this ward excited to be a member and they are!  one inactive has come back to church  named Štefona. she is so inspiring as all of her siblings has died ex for 2 one is in a coma.  and she said she did not have enough money to buy food like so many of the members here! u see in Croatia its so messed up as you work for money but the bosses chose to pay u or not. like they always say well next week we will pay u so  they have that hope for money but sometimes they never get it.  and it so humbling to walk into someones home and they always give u juice no matter what even if they have no food!   u feel bad for eating it but if u don't its way offensive!  i have never gone into a home where i just taught a lesson with out juice.  so anyways Štefona  has not been coming to church cause its a long walk and she has back problem but has a super strong testimony!  but after we met her she started coming back and says that her back feels so much better! but then this poor person, i have never heard of a persons life being so  horrible as hers as her brother just passed away. so we brought her food and came to visit her with flowers and she just is such a beacon of light as see cried a little but then knew it was going to be ok as we know there is more then life after death! the plan of salvation has been such a blessing in her life. she said its a blessing to have sister missionaries here and that there smiles give her peace. so on Sunday i sat next to her out of the 11 that were there and just gave her the biggest hug. ts just so humbling to see these members faith here!  even in the hardest time like Holland said " dont lose the ground u have already won with faith, hold on to what u have!" 

Everyone has to see this Mormon message called mountains to climb its really good!  well we have talked about faith a lot with this one investigator who like everyone else is addicted to cigarets.  i wake up in the morning and right when i walk outside i smell like a cigaret.  i was teaching a first lesson and the person will be blowing smoke right in your face. So anyways we have been trying to get this member to stop smoking so we made fake cigarets for her to use! not going to lie they look top of the line!   we used pencil shaving, straws and white and brown tape!  so i am just praying really hard she will stop cause we spent a long time rolling them ciggies and cause i see how  it its taking over her life.  but it was really cool cause she was going to go to zagrab to hang out with her friends to party and we tried everything to stop her but she went to i was all depressed cause we cancelled some lessons to help stop her from going and it was all a wast and she was not going to come to church, but to my surprise she we got a call and she said she pulled an all nigher and and came to church straight off the train! She said that they were making fun of her for trying to change her life  and giving up smoking and drinking as she just had coke cause it so not the European way, and at that moment she was like " i should have just listen missionaries and they really care about me unlike these friends!"  ahhh it was so cool cause when we met her her testimony was a little see adn not i can start to see u grow back  and gaining strength! people can change and anything is possible through prayer!   i now have realized  why elyses prayers are so long  as its because as a missionary though they get u through the hard times as u pray with real intent for others to have there hearts open.  i have never been on my knees talking to our father as long  as i have on my mission! 

love u lots and God bless all,
Sesrta Peterson 

PS Our outlet for out fridge broke cause this morning i woke up to water all over the floor!  our apt looks nice but like the toilet seat is broken  almost all out lights are out and now we had water covering the floor ahah

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