Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/18 Letter

This week was was full of traveling and we went to Sarajevo on an exchange. It was so great because they had a big English class party. It was so nice that their students came up to me and were so excited to see me me again! They were like, "We are so excited to see you back in Sarajevo!" I just love the people here are so great and sweet! I loved working with the sister up there and meeting people from all over Bosnia because each part is so different. 

Then i was on splits with he greenie who has been out in the field for 3 week and  i was not feeling very well cause the water is really bad there from like the war and stuff  but i was like shoot i just need to suck it up and go contacting  and turns out  she the greenie gave out her first Book of Mormon to a woman who wants to meet up! She was so happy  cause those 3 second truly make the mission all worth it! then 5 min later i was a about to take a pic of a building but this lady was about to walk by us and i just had a feeling to put down the camera and talk to her about the gospel and then she wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted up to meet up! such a tender mercy from the Lord cause that never happens giving away 2 a Book of Mormons and getting number in 15 min!  sacrifice brings forth the blessing of heaven!   

Then on the bus i started to this man from the Netherlands   on the bus about the church and we wants to learn more so i got his numbers! 
Then we had a great lesson with our investigator who was like " now i really want to know what church is true and i have not received an answer but i want to know!  and she said she would join that church when she finds out so things are looking good!  We had 4 members at church one less active  and 2 investigators  and that really makes up the church here thats what we get on average cause the church is so new here. 
Then we met 6 army guys from chile and they are so great! i wanted to cry cause they have heard about our church  and within the first 5 min the starting talking to US about the church! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!  They they were talking about how the church over there  is the hot thing right now! josh i was so jealous i was like wow is this how other missionaries do missionary work haha. Things are so but the work is starting to pick up and we are getting things rolling over here!  wish yall the best and keep working hard! 
с лјубавју 
сестра питерсон

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