Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/11 Letter


How are y'all! It's has been such a crazy and the time needs to slow down- cause its just flying by! I cant believe we are already on Monday. Well zone conference was great and i survived my first one as a sister trainer leader. Everyone loved the cross word puzzle zone conference was Bosnia and elders from Montenegro came.

Then after that we got home about  9:30 and before you know it was Wednesday. On Wednesday our English class student took us on a tour of Bosnia and gave it in English, she was really proud of herself.  We are just trying to make everyone feel every comfortable like the church is a safe heaven for people here and no matter what  they can always come to us. Finding is a lot different here as you really have to be creative and just talk part in peoples lives and have to be there friend first. Trust is a big thing here people have to trust you first.  So we are trying to find a ton of potentials right now.

We had really bad land slides in the hills  as the rain was really bad then the soil was so wet from the previous floods  it destroyed house. For the past 3 days we brought out our shovels and my rain boots.  We have been helping people clean out there house. One house was just covered in mud, we were just throwing everything away. It was so said but this family was keeping a really great positive attitude about the whole thing. It was such a blessing to us to meet these people to have there hearts humbled and except us in there home.  I felt so humbled to be a missionary just talk to these children of God and hold them in my arms saying God knows who you are and he sent us to let you know you are not forgotten. I just  held them in my arms while they were crying. that's what its all aboutbeing God's servant to people you don't even know.

Then i gave a talk in church and sang as ales active came to church and an investigator.

Well love y'all so much and sending a big Texas hug!

sestra peterson 

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