Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/4 Letter

Wow I'm HERE! have reached my GOAL AND I'M IN SARAJEVO  JUST FOR P DAY and for ZONE CONFERENCE! So excited  because Muslims are everywhere here and heard the call to prayer and saw them praying!  then the style here is so cool! i might live here forever!  so we hiked up this hill to over look the city and checked out everything  as i feel like I'm in the movie Aladdin! Then tonight we are preparing for zone conference and mom because I'm your daughter well we are making zone conference fun! to talk about finding we made a word cross puzzle to talk about good ways to find people I'll send it to y'all!  It's tomorrow so wish me luck!

 This week was crazy as we have the tuzla sister stay with us for 2 day! it was like all tracking and then we had this lesson (referral from SLC)  she lived in SLC for 6 month and she is Muslim! we had a way good lesson and she became an investigator!  In Banja luka we don't have the extreme Muslim but in Sarajevo they do (wear the head dresses and everything). Anyways we had an amazing lesson and i really felt that so strong about her cause she is really looking and loved what she saw in Utah aka things are looking good! Then after that  we packed and went to Zagreb for zone leadership meeting  all the leaders from these countries were there (zone leaders and sister training leaders)  and we all had a sleep over at the house we we talked about the mission! It was really great. They just feel like family and gets the job done.

It has been raining like everyday so that's fun! then on Sunday we had 6 members come to church  and one was a less active who has not been to church at all this year! Things are starting to look really good here and i just love it! 

That's about all- sorry not such and exciting letter but will y'all the best! 

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