Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6/2/14 Letter

 As always the week is crazy and there are always memorable times that stick out on the mission hahaha, So i just don’t know where to start well. The work has been slow but our investigator said she wants to get baptized!!!!.... but--- not for a couple years ha! but she said she knows the book of Mormon is true but will tell us when she will be ready. So we are just really trying how to help her act and make that decision to come to Christ! 

Then the next day our other investigator is in an abusive relationship and is scared of her husband, so she will not tell him that she is meeting with us and said "i can never let  my family know cause I'm scared what they think and everything." We tried everything saying how we need not to fear man more than God but she will not. So we will always be there for her cause she needs the light and support that she said "she finds at the church but that's all" =( My heart just breaks for her because her doesn't have the faith that the lord can change people’s hearts cause the world is so wicked here=(  I feel like that’s all i hear that, "the people are so bad here and Croatia has no future there is no future for these people" and that is why they need the Gospel so badly in their lives here.  

Then we surprised Antonija and visited her but then we saw her drinking coffee and smoking= (She had a break down cause her husband went to the doctor cause his leg was hurting and the next day she had to go to the hospital with Fillip and her oldest son had to have an operation on his arm and they had to give away their dog they got for their blind son cause the land lord said so. this Family has the most struggles i have ever seen in my life! Between losing one twin after she was born and the other having so many surgeries on his brain etc. She just keeps on saying i can’t do this anymore i have no strength. I just don’t know what to say cause i tell her it’s going to get better but for her it has only gone downhill. I just keep saying " have faith don't give up, hold on, if you need to lean on  my faith  that  it will all be ok then do that." The family was uplifted and doing much better when we left then when we came.  

Then she gave us a referral so we went to see this woman. She let us in but the first thing she asked was..." do you have money for cigarettes." From that moment on i knew we were going to get nowhere with this but i said," NO  we don’t but we can give you something much more... Eternal life!"  Well that didn't work out so well   as she said" if you have no money to buy food then how do u live?  Why would god do this? “And we just kept talking about how this is only a short time of our life and a greater one to come, life goes on after death. After a while she said ENOUGH!  OUT OF MY HOUSE. Then clapped her hands for us to get out and pushed us out the door. I turned around to shake her hand and she slammed the door on me and almost smashed my hand in between the door. My poor companion.  She was mad cause she thought she could do something about it, I just said "you have to not take it personal (i just laughed cause i was like wow well only on the mission ahah) it’s not you they are rejecting but the savior, the man who died for them... and they still reject him, how great and merciful is our GOD AND OUR BROTHER JESUS.  THEY GIVE US LIFE AND HAPPINESS AND YES THERE ARE MANY TRIALS BUT THEY DON'T LAST LONGER Then  THE JOY HE GIVES US AND THE LITTLE BLESSING THAT WE SEE THROUGH OUT OUR LIVES.    

But then we had district conference where all Croatian gets together to listen to a 70 member
and it was way great! I loved seeing people from Varaždin (My first area)  and going up to members from all over Croatia and meeting them. People i didnt even know, remembered me as the girl who sang at the last district conference and were like ‘we have missed you” haha! Not going to lie, it was kind of nice to know i made a little difference in their life, even when I'm not serving in their area and telling me they want me to come to their area.  It was also my companion’s birthday,
so of course I decorated the house with sticy notes and Made her mickey mouse pancakes!  Then the senior couple had us over for a birthday dinner which was sooooo good!  Thank you all for your support and prayers! I'm excited for this week as we are trying to hit our goal of having the mission church attendance reach 500 people!  so that about every country has to so bring in about 100 people to reach our goal! well there is a first for everything so i hope we can reach it! Love yall so much!  
 the one and only 
Sestra PETERSON =)
Sestra PETERSON =)

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