Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/13/14 Letter

Showing the way things are on the city streets.

 FEEL SO OLD!!!!!!!21 WOW  I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!  on fathers day (dad i sent a package up its not there yet)   But we were watching on cd the spoken word for the last fathers day when i was in the MTC and i just remember feeling so young watching this and as i was watching it this time i felt so  just changed, different like a mature 21 year old. I feel like these last months has really mellowed me out and i just feel older. i mean i guess that's mission life.
Our English Booth

Well we had so great things happen this week as we found 3 new investigators!!  we have not found new investigators in a long time to it was such a blessing!  we were tracking and this lady just had the biggest smile on there face and just let us in!! we had a great first lesson and we wants us to come back!  

Then I was at the bus stop and just said hit to someone  as i was getting one the bus( its so funny cause people don't say hi like unless they know you so when i say hi to a lot of people they just stop and stare at me haha) but this lady said hi and then on the bus she said I'm sorry i though

we were my pastors daughter haha! so hello perfect opportunity to talk about the gospel!  She was atheist but just converted to Christianity  and we met with her yesterday and we gave her a book of Mormon and she was like yea ill read it ill make y'all dinner and we can talk more about it!  ahhh she is so prepared!  

Then on last Monday our  Investigator is moving back to Italy so we spent the day with her family last P day and it was so fun!  And We gave her son A book of Mormon!  he Is so excited!  we had 5 less actives at church  but no investigators and the branch presidence so like no one was at church it was the lowest i have ever seen at church here in rijeka.  Everyone was sick or out of town=(  but we had like 14 this week so that was a great improvement from out last weeks.  I gave a talk on forgiveness and we sang in church! We have this friend, investigator that we are talking it really slow with like we talk about prayer then faith and as we were talking she said " so what are the differences between  your church and Catholics!  ahhh we have been waiting for this moment and at last it was here!!!  so we totally had a first lesson and she was like " well i have to actually read this book now! she was way interested it was so amazing!  it went from practicing Croatians lessons to a really good spiritually conversion where she really wanted to know!  
Sestra Mortenson surprised me at zone conference ... i almost cried when i say here!!!! 

Then my favorite person Dolores who husband is a member  is so amazing and we an amazing lesson about  families can be together forever  and how her family can be through temples here on earth! I miss the temple so much!  For all those who have temple recommends GO AND GO OFTEN!

I have missed it so much where i have been dreaming about it! Its the hardest thing when you are worth and cant go cause there is not one near, so please we are so lucky America so have one is like every state  use it. So many blessing come from it! I have just loved learning so many spiritually things one my mission and the spiritual grow i have seen in me and how truly we are given challenges in our life to model us for the responsibility the lord wants us to fulfill later on in life.

Then the world cup started and will imagine it like when the playoff  ex for the world cup! outside of the coffee shops they had all these  TV set up in center of town!  And on one of the TV was the spurs game!!! My day was made!  I was writing in my journal outside while the world cup was going and there were fire works  every time we made a scored so one time.

Well that's all for today! I'm not sure how I'm going to write next week cause I'm going on a week long exchange in  Sarajevo Bosnia!!! I'm so excited to go and see how different Bosnia is with everyone being Muslim everyone in the mission says it the prettiest and the craziest  how you just hear Muslim chants all day long! so I'm sooo excited! so ill be there not this week but next week for a week! this week I'm so sad cause i have my last interview with President Rowe=(

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