Tuesday, June 3, 2014

5/20/14 Letter


Don't worry we are safe and all the missionaries are safe in our countries.  the lord does watch over his servants. I love how the church is always the first to help as we helping anyway possible to protect the people and make sure everyone is safe and that's what is going on.    people are saying the fool is a good thing cause its bring the two countries that hate each other together and well some people say that Serbia deserves it.  i have never seen so much hate in my life for countries, but i think over all the countries are coming closer because of it.

so much has happened this week and i have learned so much .  this week has been one of the craziest weeks in the mission. sorry i didn't write the other day we went to two island to visit these  well the only two members in the island. to get to rijeka its about an hour and a half  and for the other its like two ours.  one island is called mali lošinj who only one 4o man lives and the other island called cres is this amazing  family lives there with this twin sons, one is severely severely handicapped. it was such a testimony builder to me how strong thy are and yet they as knew members don't have anyone testimonies to lean on but have to be rock solid from the beginning.  the father of the family wanted to give a German book of Mormon to this person cause he was like this book is not just a book but truly the world of god and its the only thing that  can bring peace to a humans soul.  just put yourself in these people shoes  all by yourself on and island would you have a strong testimony  or would you waver like the waves of the sea.  they maybe go to church once a year or twice cause they have to take the farie over to the main land.  how much do we talk for granted how blessed are we to live where there are members where people know about mormon or have heard about the church cause here they have no clue.  
SO SUNDAY we had our Nigerians pro soccer players over for home made apple pie and then we gave them a first lesson after we sang and played fuzzball (aka i am a beast at that game now). We taught two of them and they left with 4 book of Mormons! Some for their friends! They love the Lord and have read the whole bible and just got it. They also do Bible study- so they say if this is another testament like the Bible of Christ we will read it!!  Its so cool that I'm meeting people from all over the world here and have so many investigators from all over the world.  

i have learned so much this week about missionary work i feel like everything just clicked and i know how the people work her now and know what there needs are.... i mean it has only taken me a year to really feel like i truly know how to be effective. like  first people here don't really believe in god  no one has a relationship with him cause no one reads the bible and that is the way we get to know him, i  don't know have to describe it but it has been such an eye opener and I'm really trying to get out of the way and let the spirit and the Scriptures do the talking and not me.
We had a 3 investigators at church 1 less active and one visitor that we ast to come and she loved it! i and how great thou art in church with elder gram (he was in the mtc with me,...I'm getting old!! 

I'm so happy i am here and love my comp she is so great - Rijeka is the place to be! 

xoxox love y'all lots 
sestra peterson 

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