Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/12/13 Letter

Well i am writing this letter at a members house  in Bijelovard as i just had one of the best meals of my life, all the while looking over the green fields watching people are playing monopoly!  Wow, family i have no clue where to start!  Elyse I have to tell you this the best cause i have lived in those shoes i got for my birthday!

 Many funny stories happen this week like I accidentally offended this lady who can't go to church cause she she has bad hips and can't walk to the train and people have kind of forgotten about her. i said to her "Oh my dad has bad hips," trying to relate to her, and she was like how old is he and i said oh like 64  and she said oh well i am 66! well ok then i didn't understand what she was saying and so i said SUPER and she said, "No not supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!" apparently  she just said her brother or her friend died.... great well i failed! Then on our way coming back from her city me and my comp had to run to the train and i decided not to wear my good train running shoes so my shoes where falling off and i looked like a penguin. So i took them off and ran through glass and we just made it- but then the elders called us and said, "You're on the wrong train!!!!" So we watched the right train with the elders drive past us and laughed! Then because i broke the bed the people were fine getting it fixed but when the guy fixed it he said  this bed is only meant for one and i just laughed cause at the time i didn't understand what he was saying in Croatian -but he was implying that i was doing something else in the bed other than trying to kill a spider! yikes oh my!!!!!  Then this morning we had to run to the train cause my comp made us last and we got lost and then i lost her but we found each other after all and made it!  

 Sadly i don't have a lot of time but in church more people came today-there were 9!!!! And a miracle happened! We were tracking and i said to this lady that she has beautiful flowers- then she was going to tell us to go away when i saw the deer skulls in her house. They reminded me of my home and how Justin like to hunt and next thing u know we were in her house and she made us dinner and fed us so much and brought out her kids! Her daughter was 18 and we talked about things. We are going back soon to have a lesson cause we didn't really bring up the church but the family loved us so we are going to go back to teach them a lesson next time cause they are so ready to hear the gospel! The quote you gave me was perfect cause i felt bad for not going into a lesson but we talked about prophets!  i know they are getting baptized! 

Then i found this singer from one of the members who are now bff and we have a another girl that 16! So we have about 4 new investigators!  i sang in the center of the town opera and it worked really well! We told the people, "If you want to hear me more come to church!" So lets hope!  

Have to run but love u lots!
sestra peterson   

PS There is a web cam in the center of Varzđin so look at it and maybe you can see me track there at 7 to 9 my time. I will say hi every day!

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