Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/19/13 Letter

Dobro Dan,

Oh family and friends its so good to hear from all of u! This week was full of exciting things as i went to Slovenia for 2 days, had zone conference, and gave Sister Mortensen a birthday party! 

So were should we start off! First off, I'm so happy Travis is home and wish so badly i could be home to see him! Whats is email so i can finally write him? 

So Tuesday was Sister Mortensen's birthday and i woke up at 5:30 and made her brownies and decorated the house! Then later i invited 2 non members to come to her surprise birthday party! They are so amazing and we are like best friends, and they always do stuff with us but its just hard to bring up the gospel around them! They look at us like best friends and not missionaries and i feel like i have been having a problem a lot with that. So I'm trying to figure how to not be awkward but bring up the gospel. But we had a blast for her birthday! 

Then on Wednesday we had zone conference! It was so good to see sister marks my Texas best friend! She ran up to me and started crying because she has been having a really hard time with her companion. It was just great to see my MTC family but i didn't get to see Sister Frampton. Besides that i wanted to fall asleep in zone conference cause president wasn't here so we were just doing lots of roll plays -not fun haha. But i had a interview with president later and im not going to lie, he is going to be an apostle one day! He is all about getting to work and doing what ever you have to do to build up the kingdom!  Apparently he talks to the apostles all the time.. nbd haha!  It was good that he just said to me, " Keep up the hard work." He also told me me he's really glad to have me here! 

After zone conference i went on splits with sloven sisters and i loved it! Let me just tell u Slovenia is so beautiful! Its all mountains with green trees and castles all around. I think it might be more beautiful then Croatia! It reminded me a little of Costa Rica with everything so green and tall. It was so great because we taught a lady who was so depressed. Apparently, she believed it but said she was looking at life through a fog glass. Then the Sloven elders gave her a blessing and guess who the elder was! Elder Benson! Blair and Cami know him from Austin ward! Mom we met him once and for some reason i do remember him! When we talked to him i think he was inactive but now he is in my mission! After the blessing we had my only 2nd lesson here and it was great! Even though i cant speak Sloven they could understand my Croatian. (Even though my Croatian was so bad.) It was a blessing as we talked about the plan of salvation and that helped her find peace and why we are here in life!  It gets better but i have to go so i will email u another letter later like in two hours or so! 
love u 
sestra peterson 

Hey family its me again! I just got done with pday stuff so now I can finish writing. After the blessing we taught her the plan of salvation how we are here to be tested and that if we endure to the end we will have eternal happiness! so as the sloven sister was teaching I was looking through my scriptures and i came across a scripture in Alma saying how we with out repentance we feel pain and not happiness but after we repent our joy will far exceed our pain! Then at that moment Sister Legro turned to me out of the clear blue  and said.... what does repentance feel like to u!  and wow i perfect and i could tell she really connected with that scripture!  Then after the lesson she said, "OK I WILL GET BAPTIZED!" MY FIRST BABPTZIM COMMITMENT!  i think they got my call wrong as my first book of Mormon was in Slovenia and my first baptism commitment was in Slovenia! Now its time for me to make it happen in Varzdin!  

I have to go- sorry so short but i love u all and Cami thanks for the card! 

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