Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Brianne's First Letter...

Dobra Dan!

Hello family and friends,

Well for some reason they didn’t reject me and I was let in, they more like shoved me in because I was late.. Surprise! I was an hour and a half late and like the last one to come in, my poor comp thought she was going to be left alone! I know it’s really early to say, and things might change, but I like the MTC! I almost feel like I’m at EFY in a way. When I got here I put on my nametag that Crazy looking because I was informed that I will be leaning two languages here! All in saying is that the big man has more faith in me than I thought! We are learning Croatian and Serbian! So I am learning the Latin alphabet the sriyilks alphabet "the like shapes the Russian use!" But what I didn’t realize is that by learning this, most of all Eastern Europe will able to somewhat understand us! So our zone, or missionaries in the same hallway that we do things with, are going to  missions that require them to learn  Czech, Serbian, Slovene, slovak, Croatian, Polish, Bulgarian, and Turkish! So if I ever wanted to go to these places I could get around! Out of the seven girls going to my mission my companion and I are the only ones living apart from the other five.  We live with the polish sisters so I'm picking some of that language up as well! HAYLEY my polish sister that I’m living with is Sarah Duffy’s roommate and like best friend named Lizzy or" Sister Petherbridge" so she totally knows you!!!! I love my group I’m, with we all are so great and paired up perfectly with our comps! Each companionship has different personalities but, we are paired up with the same personality for our individual comp! Like I love mine to death, her name is Brandi Frampton ... aka the one I stalked on FB and wanted for a companion. She is a singer on iTunes! Look her up.  She is an amazing country singer! We are to peas in a pod, she is soooo outgoing sometimes I have to tell her to focus... and here I thought I was the only one who had to be told to shut up ha-ha! She is no molly Mormon but has such a strong love for the gospel! The only difference between us is she is kind of like a hipster! The MTC really should watch for us.. They probably are thinking  ... what did we get ourselves into!

The first day I was here and first person I ran into was Caitlin!!! It was so amazing to see her and Cami I gave her that hug for you and it brightened her day! So When I introduced myself I held up the hook em sign aka everyone loved it! Language was 4 hours with no standing up or anything so for like 5 mins I already started to fall asleep..Yikes! But out of the 4 hours things finally started to click the last hour cause it was like conjugating stuff! But man I do not know how I’m going to speak I can’t understand anything he is saying and tomorrow we have to teach in Croatian an investigator! Well silence is key ha-ha well that’s what its going to be for tomorrow! So I am still the same person The first day I got some bad blisters then the second day My bag broke I just bought and then I sat in grape jelly... just my luck! And PS I forgot socks... the one thing you told me to bring ha-ha! Well that all I have time for but I love and miss everyone so much! I loved all the letters yall left me! Send me pic please!

123 Sestra Peterson

PS sorry for the spelling mistakes! I’m in a rush cause everything is about time here! I have never used a watch more in one day than my whole life!

AND also tell everyone to use Dear Elder cause I get it that day!

P-days are Friday.

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