Saturday, June 8, 2013

A LONG letter!

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!
 Oh how i missed y'all so much and have wanted to write all of y'all so badly because sooooo much has happened, i don't even know where to start!. I never thought i would be so happy to write an email in my life!  So lets start off with how loved i feel as  i get "dear elders" everyday! i set an new record for the mtc i bet because on Monday i received 12 letter for y'all! i felt bad cause I'm companion didn't get and so me, i was on top of the world!  
well my day starts off at 545 cause i wake up to go to gym classes they now offer for the girls! i did yoga,  Sept class and KICKBOXING!   then our zone or the other countries that we are sharing a hall with are so close as we eat every meal together, we played sand volleyball, kickball and we are going to play capture the tie soon! Its common to have district or just your country class to be like family (which ours is) but to have other countries  in your hall feel like family us very uncommon!  And they have said that have The mtc just looks so bright and colorful now that girl are here the prez said and the choir sounds better then ever haha!  900 new missionaries ones came yesterday! i saw my friend in her car and ran after her! she gave me the biggest hug, its was so amazing to see her! then later that night i totally had fun and told all the new comers to "leave now"! " run while you can" hahahaha!

so lets start off with Saturday! I started teaching  an investigator lesson in Croatian!!! i knew nothing! is friend gave him a book of Mormon  and he wanted to know more so we first told him that Bog volim ti ( god loves you) and that Jesus is the Christ! so after we talked about how the book of Mormon testifies of Christ and it goes hand in hand with the bible! me and my companion are so much alike but then we can be so different as i walked away wanted to kill myself cause i couldn't talk  and she walked away" happy as a lark" (mom that was for u)  she said i love the people i cant wait to teach them, cause our investigator was from Serbia! i  Understood some of what he was saying which was great cause she cant, and she read a little better then me.  so our next lesson we taught him was about prayer and how god is our father so we say dear heavenly father  then we thank him and ask him for blessing and then say "in the name of Jesus Christ amen"  Then we asked if he could pray to know if the book of Mormon is true! then he asked us how he would know if its true and we only have learned Croatian for like 3 day so was praying hard! I didn't know how to say anything about the Holy Ghost in Croatian!!!! so no joke we drew the triangle and put god at the top and Jesus at the bottom adn across was the Holy ghost and said this.. tri, jedan!  we were playing like charades  as i held up 3 fingers and then say jedan  as i pointed to each finger trying to say they are three different people with one perpous!  then he said what is it like and once again  i new nothing except a word we learned today came back to me "tico" which means quiet and then i pointed to my heart and the word serca that i learned at come to me! he understood it!  4 words with actions makes the biggest difference! then over the next two day of teaching him was really hard as i murmured against the program cause  i could not feel the spirit and  the gift of toungs was not working! i tried really had to make a good lesson for him about the restoration and how Joseph Smith wants to know answer like everyone and he got his but  nothing was working as i looked at my notes the whole time  and tried to understand him, but not really cause i only heard Croatian 4 days people! i have so much i want to say but  getting thrown into teaching when i did even know what lessons i should teach!  So i was upset just know wanted to teach anymore because i though it was pointless like beating a dead horse! then we came back and my teacher told the class out of the clear blue that we need to be like peter  how he jumped out of the and walked to the savior on water! it hit me like a ton of bricks as was not like peter! he had faith and TRUST as he got out of the boat not even thinking he could drown, I had faith in the gift of toungs, but i didnt trust myself with it so i got frusterated! i put my feet in the water one by one to test the water instead if trusting my myself and trusting my savior like peter! the after he comited to baptisim  we found out it was one of my teachers we were teaching, which i knew, but he said When me and im companion did not look at our notes and just used like 3 words with actions he was learning and could tell we wanted him to know so badly what we were saying  and to know the language! he and he learned and that was on the only day he felt the spirit. Funny to say that was the only day we didn't look at out notes and it worked! now looking back i have learned to much from that experience that have made me trust and got excited to teach again as i have to trust in the lord. my companion said something amazing to me she said that,"  that because we know the Gospel very indeepth we want to tell them so much, but the Gospel is simple so that why god put us here learning a language. because we need to learn how to be simple and like the spirit teach, and its so true! i then i said to her when she was having a hard day that out mission is for us to grow the most, that's why we are hear learning this! if i spoke English it would not be that much of a challenge and i would not grow that much, but because i am learning a new language for me is such a challenge and i have found out so many new things about me!  after this experience the only Croatian  missinaryEVER who is going to cali and he talked to us about how they don't know what Mormons are so its all going to be so new to them! He said they are very nice  and very chill but  I'm going to have to start BASIC and that you have to  become their friend first or forget about it. It just got me wanted to serve again as i just opened  in Matt 5 in the temple today  and it talked about light and how through light we will bring souls to come unto Christ!  They are loving people with a past and we can bring the light and hope they do not have to them!  in the temple  we got breakfast downstairs and my comp who Elyse is so much like you just stared talking to this man by himself. We both remembered him from earlier as he had a huge smile on his face saying hi to people.Because my comp is so friendly and loves hearing strangers stories we found out that this man  was an achoholic how goes to meets every week and is 6 year sober!!!!!!!! can you believe it!  repentance is key as " with god anything is possible"  no matter how hard things are  if we truly want things to change  they will happen with your heart set on the lord! the way this man looked you would never have thought that a man who spent 90 days in jail is now in the temple!   From being here the most valuable thing i have learned its that there are no consciences, everything happens for a reason.I for got to tell you but as i was struggling one day i prayed to God  at night saying please help me with the language, i want to teach please help me believe in the gift of tongues  then i woke up at 545 to go to the gym with the other Croatians  but they all slept in so i used that time to read my scriptures. i never have had  this happen to me but i just opened them to mark 16; 15-20   then  i read Philippians 4 like you said mom  and after that i kept reading colossians 1:10-11 3:20-24  and 4 :3-6.  my prayers were truly answered and my rommies were supposed to sleep in so i could by myself in the mist of the night read and ponder to receive that communication with God. truly waking up early bring the spirit and makes you accomplish so much in a day. we do so much in a day here  but the weeks go by so fast!  I cant believe i have been here for a week!  on Tuesday it was my comps birthday so we all decorated our door with  hearts cause you know i love celebrating those holidays!  we made her a paper crown she had to wear all day.  She 21 party hard in the MTC with cookies and milk, my like #real talk smart cookies are amazing! her mom gave them to her!  its amazing how in the MTC you share everything and have no porbem with it cause we are like family here. my polish roomies wear all my clothes already! we call it the sisterhood of the traveling skirt cause we are all different sizes and yet we all share skirts!   sorry Elyse but everyone is so stylish here so your skirts don't belong anymore  ... lets just say outdated hahah. I'm still a ratchet queen as mu back broke but we put it together with those silver ring holders and you cant even tell it was broken! I Broke in all my shoes so no more blisters!!!!!!  the other day i tried out to sing for 4000 missionaries  and made it with my song but they said its a little to hi so they want to use me but don't know where haha so if you could sent me touch my eyes i would love to sing it at a devo here. 

Mom can you send me my gray skirt and my mac clear makeup spray socks please! well I'm already 30 min over time so i better go but i love y'all so so much and love getting the letters from all!   i love my teachers and my Croatian group is the best we are already so close! we have 13 Croatians  7 girls and 6 boys  you are the biggest mission group to ever come in to the Adriatic North and the biggest one with the most girls  by the end of summer their will be about a 40 % increase in the missionaries there form us!
hope you like the pic and video love love Love y'all
123 forever
sesrta Peterson

oh Elyse write Kat for me in french and ill give it to her and mom can you right my comp telling her happy belated birthday she gets mail but she has not gotten a dear elder! PS Elyse i love the adofisons !

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