Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm Getting the Language!


wow has it already been a week! i feel just like just the other day i emailed y'all!  And i just say god works miracles! I am staring to pick up on the language! i felt like i was so far behind and then it hit me that i have only been here 2 staring my 3 week and i can give lesson in Creation! not well but much better than before.  I was having a really hard with with lessons as we were thrown into them, but i have learned to much and know how to grow and become stronger!  first off I want you know to that i Love my MTC teachers (4) and have not fallen asleep since the first day!  I am really considering becoming one because you see miracles happen ever day and you are that missionaries strength!  Because of them i know i can do hard thing!   PS i don't know how someone could fall asleep cause i feel like you miss out on so much! well back to my lesson. We got two "new investigators" their my teachers but me and my comp wanted to know how we can feel the spirit in out lessons cause it was not happening and well we were guided to make it more personal as we talked about our family. Blair I used the packet you gave me to show pictures,  and let me tell you pictures and object lessons are amazing! we did the one where we build a church by the priesthood profits and Revelation! Kristina who is catholic totally understood it and cause she loves art she loved looking at the pic!  My teacher is the best and got me the real Serbian plan of salvation plaque  for the book store so I'm so excited to use it!   

Um i would like you all to know i should have gotten an academy award for my amazing acting skills  as on Saturday  we had a lesson with the class in English and i was the investigator!  they told me to pic a friend and truly try to act like her so i picked a special person!  I told them i believe in god or a higher power but  nothing really else. I told them i was more of a thinking and like scientific facts  and that i just wanted to know more cause my friend (aka me) was going on her mission!  they talked about prayer in god can be so powerful and about how the holy ghost  can help to know what truth is. The spirit was so strong as you saw the investigator (me) come closer to Christ, and let me tell you i did not make it easy for them cause i was truly acting like this person. It was a nice refresher why we are serving as mission and how its about the spirit and not missionary in the room as people in my class cried cause they said they could see the investigators eyes being opened  and coming to know god loves her and has a plan for her. they all asked if i have ever been on splits before cause it really felt like a real lesson! I loved the comment that the gospel is for everyone and is simple cause we have a loving and simple God.

Then we had a super Sunday! well it started off with lessons how the BOM (book of Mormon) has changed peoples lives  and the all the sister were together after to watch the spoken word and they sang climb every Mt and can i just say it made my fave as memories flooded back to me, and also that i can do this! Then after that i started crying as they said two weeks a ago only the floor was filled so about 200 sisters and now the whole 18 m or gym was fill with seats on the floor and the bleachers! can you believe it! we all sang as sisters and Zion but they now changes to words which are ten time more powerful look them up i think i posted it to my fb a while ago!  then ANN Cleag on the rs general board talked to us and like me just tell you that I want to be like that woman!  she was happy energetic and has such a strong testimony! mom you are so much like her! its amazing how all my prayers have been answer through other people as i prayed for helping me know how to better invite the spirit in our lesson and she talked about how she gift of tongues is real  and that she gave a talk as just going to read her talk but then something told her to throw them away she is did and bam she spoke great and fluent! So that gave me hope and i have not really used notes in my lesson and its worked!   then we watch a video from elder Bednard talking about how sometimes the spirit is not this on the spot thing, but a lot of the time all you have to do is be a good girl and follow your heart and then after or a long time after you realized that  was the spirit talking to you! he told a story how when he was on his mis she gave president Packard 20 in Germany on is travel home cause he just thought that he might get Hungary, but then later like 40 years later when he was made an elder he found out  that on the train Packard  and his wife were stop ed by the German police  cause is wife had an extended visa and they were not taking those a the time so he gave the German the 20 elder Bernard gave him for food in side the passport next thing you know the money was gone and they were free to travel. when The Packard's got to the US this body guard was in shock and said how are u alive?  with your wife pass port she would have been thrown off the train  like all the other that had the extended 2 year?   That 20 dollars saved SIS Packard's life all because a 20year old missionary was being a GOOD BOY and was just trying to be nice.  Follow the commandment and do what right and the spirit will be with you that sometimes you wont even know it=)

Tuesday  I was in the choir and they had a choir of 2000 people in it! about two weeks ago it was 500!  and on wed we got 940 new missionaries in the MTC!   we sang call to serve cause we are preforming it on the 23 for the Prophet!!!! i am getting chill just thinking about it! best birthday gift of life! SO LOOK FOR ME ON TV CAUSE I WILL BE SINGING IN THE CHOIR!  Apparently is going to be life changing and know as like the biggest spiritual event of out time! its going to be bigger then conference and I'm singing it the choir for it!  my dreams are coming true!  SO anyway I want to tell you that as we were walking over to the Marriott center for the devo we saw a group of boys walking past us and said you are my hero's! Let me just say it melted my heart!  The devo was amazing as elder Arnold of the seventy touched my life! He was teaching us how to become better missionaries and how we need not to look at people how they are, but what they can become. I testify you to this day that the thing that truly stuck out to me was that the 70 year old man starts weeping are he said " i know this book is true"   It got me thinking, What 70 year old man would weep over a book especially if it was not true, but because it is true and has blessed his life 100 fold he stared crying. The looked and conviction and this man spoke with  about this book told you it was true!  this is not an ordinary book!   Then the next thing that stuck out ot me was that when he was speaking to a group  of 4000 to 18 and 21 year olds  and the place was dead silent. when you have that many people in a room and at those ages its almost impossible to have the room so silent that you could hear if someone dropped a pen.   Its a miracle ha and i  love seeing them happen all day at the MTC. then i watched the Elder Holland Mormon message about testifying of the book of Mormon  and the Bednard. Just think these man came from Harvard and  became top professor doc and many other respected positions and for them to also weep over a book testifying it true you know its trues as you see it in there eyes! Not one Not two  but many man could talk about all these prestigious books but they testify of this simple one that all ages could read  cause it changes their life and it has changes mine as well!  i went from not wanting to teach lesson cause i felt like i was failing to now  loving them!  I am truly falling in love with this work and the Croatian people as the other days we met someone who's parents are from their!   at the devo some girls started talking about how they heard this mission that sound so cool called the Adriatic .... and then i turned around and  told her  north i was going their!  everyone is so amazing at where I'm going and said they have friends who say its the most beautiful place one earth everywhere you go.  We talked to Russian a little bit the other day cause they are very close but our language is not as hard sound.  we had our first TRC or home teaching Croatian members and  it when really well we talked about how to missionaries after the mission!

well times up but i love you all and miss y'all like crazy!  ok time has been up for 30 min now haha yikes!
I love my updates with the spurse! 
123 forever
Sestra Peterson

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