Monday, November 3, 2014

11/3 Letter

Wow can we just say i have had the most crazy week of my life and the surprises and the traveling still have not stopped!!! I am starting to understand how dad feels!!! this week we have been going non stop waking up at 5  hitting 3 countries in 3 hours and well still trying to have lessons. 
On Monday we  traveled 4 hours  to Serbia to have a conference with a member of the seventy on wed. we we went to novi sad (a city in serbia) and did exchanges with the sister  on monday and  Tuesday. WE contacted all day and worked really hard it i finally got to work with a sister from my mtc group! it was way good to see us both work and what we have discover what works really well with these people. NOvi sad is cool but im happy i am serving in banja luka! It was way cool to see a different city and country and the different church building! so then on wed we had to drive 1 hour to get to beograd where we had the conference! it was to see just blown up buildings from the war but but then again there is a lot of buildings still blown up from the war that no one had touched. SO i was not that shocked to see it like that any more. 
It was great to hear from the 70 member and one this that really hit me hard was when he said. "the christ mission was 3 years but if we take away his last week of his mission the it would not have mattered." It hit me like a ton of bricks that i need to really give it my all up the the very last hour!  That the last week of my mission will be on one that will really count! THen after that all the missionaries going home  Which is 7 that out of the 40 that here missionaries there ( the other 40 were in Croatia and that's all the missionaries we have from our mission) gave a 30 sec testimony of there mission.  I cant believe it was my last Zone conference!  Then the 70 member called me out and said imagine yourself in san antonio texas talking to stake president and removing your name tag... shoot when he said that tears just stared rolling down my face!  Why did he have to call me out of y'all the people!  i had not though or really didn't know what was going to happen when i got home until he told us! that is the sadest thing ever! Im sorry i love you brother spendlove but if a see you and run the other away ...dont take it personally its nothing against you!=)  He said " if tears dont come down your face then you should really think about your mission again, good thing a river was streaming down my face!  But then after that he showed us a great video clip. THen we came home to Banja luka and were here for a day! we met with leila our investigator  and asked her to get baptized! we she i would be baptized if i lived somewhere else but here if your not Orthodox or Muslim your not accepted. I love the church but maybe in a few years  when im out of here!  I have been reading in Alma 5 talking about a mighty change of heart and so told her"  our plans are different from the lords plans he knows us better, trust in him he will help you know what to do but you have to trust.  He has not left you (the spirt was so strong) so i said what your feeling right now is the Holy ghost or his spirt to help you know the truth of all things.  and that we talked about the Holy spirit before baptism and after.
How god Jesus and the holy ghost are one in purpose but different people, like a candle the wax is solid like god who has a body of flesh and bone the same with the wick thats christ but the flame is the holy spirit you cant hols it cause its a gas but you can feel it, its warmth. The feeling that we are feeling now is the holy ghost! so will you please pray to know what you need to do!" she said yes ill pray and thanked us for asking her!!!! wow thats a first=) so we shall see and keep her in your prayers!  then the next day we went to Zagreb for leadership meeting  and came home a 8 at night! Then on Saturday we have 3 lessons and got 2 new investigators  and we had one investigator came to church! well thats all for now but i love you all and hope all is well!!

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