Monday, November 3, 2014

10/27 Letter

Well everyone i have passes the final test im totally ready for motherhood haha!!!!! why you may ask well..... on Wednesday while we were teaching the kids English my comp turns around and says i don't feel good! O Shoot!  then she just felt sick during the whole time and then we had to get one the bus sitting backwards..... aka no a good idea... then this old grandma was in front of us and i turn my head to find im poor companion throwing up on the bus!!!! I did know who to feel worst for,the grandma sitting in across from my comp in the splash zone or my comp who doesn't have a bag or anything .. i was going to give her my purse to use but then i better not with book of Mormons inside!   so the Little old grandma whips out a bag and hands it to me to help my comp( she is such a champ). if i would have seen this before my mission i would have thrown up with my comp but it didn't even effect me cause i was so worried about her and next thing you know im sitting there cleaning it up of the bus walls!  So missions prepares you for all things in life =) oh man but you should have seen this grandmas face haha. so That was an event to experience! then on Thursday we were taking it easy  cause she was still not feeling well after having food poisoning( everyone has to have it once on there mission ha)=) But we started to prepare for out big Halloween party here!!! they dont celebration and they also don't have any decorations here so i have gone ghetto status and have been using toilet paper  for streamers!!  Croatia had decorations but Bosnia is just Ghetto ha  but i love it so much! we were in charge of the whole party so we spent like 2 days buying thing making cakes and cupcakes! so our friends made cupcakes with us and then after  we had a great gospel conversation and they wants to know more! so we have two new investigators ! one of the girls loves how our church wants people to learn and no more about different religions and people and to continue learning cause in the  Orthodox church and don't talk to another churches cause they are sects, they don't even want you to hang out with them or you you need to be clean with holy water ( thats why everyone is Orthodox or Muslim and they live one two different sides of town, its like the musical west side story in Banja Luka , the rest of the cities are just Muslim in Bosnia !  so speaking of that we went to hang out and meet our friend  to see if she was more interested in the gospel well...... lets just say she is very orthodox and she said i love yall so much and i see you have the light of Christ and i love talking about Christ with yall.... so i bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon   about how because of it  i have more knowledge  of Christ my savior because of it i understand the bible better and the Jews better the promises from Abraham that are given to us all ..all gods children!   So when i tried to give her a book of mormon she said im sorry dont talk it personal but  if i take it i just have to BURN it. i dont even have a bible in my house cause we just listen to the priest read it and he tells us what to do!  i should not even been seen with and then called us sect about 5 times  but then said i love you adn if you want you have a place to stay when you come back cause i look more on the human heart then the out side! she is a great person and god was just saying dont wast your time she is not prepared ha! i have been studying that a lot this week where  rejection is really ok cause  then you can find the prepared faster! the field is WHITE ready to harvest not YELLOW OR BROWN ..WHITE! so we will know the prepared, if we look at it that way as a missionary's we would be much happier=)  then The halloween party was great!! we had about 40 there our investigator leila brought her son who was so funny and while i was bobbing for apples he pushed my head in all the way in the water.. i he is cute 3 year old! we had face paint, cookies decorating,  played the mummy rapping game!  everyone had a blast!  bust the best part leila has not been to church cause she said her kids is crazy but want to come we took her up stairs to show her our church cause we have a two story building down stairs is english, up is church and she loved it! I said i know its not big but its full of light, and she said no.. its perfect you don't need anything big and i feel the light. She just love the organization of the church and it was cool how we were like its quiet but peaceful here and but then you do down stairs and there a huge party! i think it really made an impression. that we are small but the spirit is very big here.  Then the next day we had a great church attendance of 8!!!! i think that is like the best we have had! marija is just my best friend (the one who was baptized a month ago,mom when i look at her i see you!)  Then i did the translation into serbian in church for Sunday school for the first time! i was nervous but i liked doing it!  well so many more blesings happened but i have to leave cause we are going to serbia for elder dikes a 70 will be talking to us!  have a good week and know that i love you all so much!!! 
sestra peterson 

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