Friday, February 21, 2014

2/17/14 Letter

Sretno Valentinovo!!!! 

I have no clue where this week went- but it was great! it started off as I went to slovania to do a border hop.But before I could go I had to have this paper which I put  in this special spot so I would not lose it. Well, it was time to go and to our surprise... I didn't have the paper!!! I looked everywhere!! I knew it was in this spot, but I could not find it.  After about 10 min of wanted to cut off my now long hair because the older couple was down stairs waiting for me.  I knelled down to ask for my father in heaven for help and guidance.  As I got up I have no clue what to do next, but then about 7 mins later I looked in this stack of papers (the original spot where I was sure I put the paper) that i looked through about 10 times and there it was... I found the paper!!

 Miracles happen all the time in our life's if we are willing to be humble and call upon our Father in Heaven. I think he made me not see the paper as a test to see if I would ask him for help. I was so grateful for true intent prayer and how if we have any questions we can ask him and he will guide us. 

 Then we had English class, which i love teaching,we had a lesson with a student after! then  this week we have been hart attacking people cause they don't know what this is here!
v-day is just starting to be a thing here so its nothing really special but we had fun. i decorated the house for my comp and wrote her a card and set the table really cute! we were fasting so on Sunday my comp heard that we have pink pancakes so she surprised me with pink paličinke  before church!! it was so great! 

well one of our investigator really opened my eyes when she said she is just getting electricity back in her house as she has been with out it for a year! This poor girl parents died and she has nothing, but she said "others have it way worst then me as they live on the street and go without food."   It really makes me think how blessed we are and how we take so many things for granted. she has to cook hot water if she wants to take a how shower. Then Antonija just got out of the hospital with her son and she had to go right back in as we taught her and then the next day she had a temp of 103!  Bess her heart!! she is the most amazing person as she has a scripture journal and she has all her favorite verses in there along with our hearts and pic of Christ!!  i feel like there is so much to learn from these people and i am nothing compared to them. They have gone through so much here and its amazing to see there faith that builds mine everyday! 

sestra peterson!

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