Friday, February 21, 2014

2/10/14 Letter

Fasting works and we can still receive revelation today!!! I know this to be true and how lucky are we! well I put in a random general conference talk and it was all about following the spirit  ( ) it might just be one of my favorite talks as i have listened to it 5 times. Sister Ostarkovič, who is my role models- talked to me. She is bff with president Monson. (she says he is very limited on seeing people these days and he is kind of losing it- as she talked to him over Christmas.) She has done many things for the church. she is just so amazing and her husband is the NBA SCOUT  and the were one of the first members here. We just has a great talk! 

We got rejected this week!  Twice! I mean we get rejected all the time, but this time it was by people we know! You remember our amazing English student who came to church twice?! Laura. I seriously thought she was so prepared, but last week she gave us back the Book of Mormon we gave her:(  geeze. She just said that she likes to be with us as friends, but she isn't interested in our church. I hope that she will be ready to hear the gospel someday!  Then we finally got in contact with this teenage girl that we gave a BOM to a few weeks ago (every time we called her her phone was off) So we txted her to see if we could meet up and she just sent us back one word "sbogom". That word is what people use to say goodbye if you are never going to see them again, it literally means "with God". haha oh gosh. I just wish people could see all the good we are trying to give them! It is hard to watch friends reject all this goodness! I guess you just do all you can do and leave the rest the the Lord and His timing.

We are having a mission conference with somebody named Elder Charles next week! I'm excited to go there and get some pure revelation! Just bring your paper and pen! This should be my only mission conference my whole mission!  I don't even know what is happening with time these days! 

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