Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/13 Letter

Dobar Dan. Kaj ima? 

Hope everyone is enjoying this great fall weather, i mean i guess its almost winter. So this week was pretty good. Nothing too exciting. So i don't really remember what happened on what day, so i am just gonna throw it all out there. So bear with me. Our english classes were way bomb this week. And i asked Ante one of our students if he wanted to learn more about the church and he said yes! so we will start teaching him this week. And apparently this week they did a documentary on the mormons and i think it was probably pretty good. And tons of people all over this area said they saw it. And they interviewed mormons in Germany and the missionaries there, and talked about our beliefs, and how we don't drink and smoke and follow the law of chastity and everything. Everyone said it was way good. So i hope it was. We also whipped up a ton of chocolate chip cookies, and planned a finding activity out in the centar of town. We got one of the members to go with us. And had a poster and everything. And we had a survey composed of the questions of the soul, and they were to put a check mark next to each question they had ever thought about before. So we could gauge which questions spark peoples interest more and so we can find new investigators and find the prepared who have actually thought about these questions before and want the answers. And after they filled it out they got a free cookie! It was way successful until it started to we are going to do it again later this week!  

Zone conference was pretty much bomb this week, and makes me want to go out and baptize everyone. President wanted the Varaždin sisters mortenson and I to talk about english class, and our secret to success. And he wanted us to tell the WHOLE mission about it...pretty crazy. So since there are 4 diff zones and conferences they like would skype us in. Pretty cool but we ran out of time so that sucks. We also went and visited a less active named Vesna. We had talked about in Zone conference earlier this week about the importance of teaching members the lessons, especially less actives who haven't had the real actual lessons in a long time. So we felt prompted to teach Vesna the first lesson again. And surprisingly she had forgotten a lot of the basics of the gospel, and then 20 minutes into the lesson her daughter walks in! No coincidence there. So  her daughter sat down and listened to the whole first lesson, it was soo awesome! We had them both write a question down and promised them they could both get an answer to their questions if they came to church. Her daughter was like yeah mom how come you dont come to church anymore, church is so close to you, you have no excuse. haha and vesna just sat there like...oh danget you're right. And we told her we would be by on sunday morning to pick her up and walk to church. And her daughter was like yep likes like you are going to church on sunday mom, their is no way out. we all laughed it was way funny and good. 

Sunday was so good! We thought no one was going to come to church cause everyone we called and invited had one excuse or another about why they couldn't come to church. Yeah im pretty sure you are realllly going to be hanging out with your friend on 10 am on a sunday...but oh well haha sometimes i hate that people have their free agency..But sunday was better than i thought! We went to go pick up Vesna and i was praying all day that she would actually open her door and be ready to come to church with us, since last week she stood us up...and to our surprise she was wearing her skirt and all ready to go to church when we got there!!  I was soo happpy! Zlatko gave a great talk, he is an awesome long time member and i think it really touched everyone's hearts especially Vesna. Since she said she wants to come to FHE on monday at the church with everyone!! YEAH. i dont think she has been to church at least for acouple years. This is great. Branka also came! We had a great lesson with her earlier this week and we showed her the joseph smith movie and she loved it. She said she was still praying to know if God has one true church, since she thinks all churches are true.She said the most sincere prayer i have ever heard at the end of the lesson! There really is power in prayers when you kneel. i dont think i realized that until i came on a mission. 

That night one of our investigators cooked us lasagna. OH MAN. pretty sure he got the recipe from God or something. Ive never really been a huge lasagna fan, but that was heavenly. Renata a way less active who finally moved back to varaždin came and met us at the church and brought her sister and her sisters husband. So we got to meet them all. They said they want to start coming to our english class. So many good things are starting to happen here, and i have really learned and felt about our saviors love for us. There really our special moments that our heavenly father gives us when we can truly feel that love. I am SO grateful to have that knowledge and be sharing the good news that Christ lives and that this church is true with people alll day errryday. Thanks for all the love and suppport!! keep it real this week, and dont do anything i wouldnt do..

lots of ljubav,
sestra peterson 

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