Monday, October 14, 2013

10/14/13 Letter

We had zone conference and it hit me like a ton of bricks! First Prez is going to be an apostle one day so i am so happy to have him as a prez #realtalk #heisthebest #heismyrolemodel! 

They talked about how they served in orphanages in russia and in africa and showed us this pic of these starving children.. and he talked about how if we saw a child like this we would want to feed it and care for it! Well thats how everyone spirits look like that don't have the gosple they are starving souls "looking for the truth but know not where to find it!" It is up to us to bring them to christ!  that impressed my mind so much that like christ we should not look on the out ward appearance of people and look in there heart!  this gospel is for everyone  it brings families closer together, why would i not want to tell people that?  why would i be scared to share that with people just because i cant speak that well?  

I truly know i am meant to be here even though at times it cause i looked around at dinner the other day and  me eyes were truly opened as this one man was so sad eating by himself and then this family didn't even talk together at the other table  but on there phones and then is other family just sat in silence! i just wanted to run up to them all and give them a big hug saying, "Don't worry be happy!" Thats why its hard for people to convert to the gospel cause the only thing the have is there traditions to keep them happy cause of the war they feel like they have to hold on to there religion cause they fought for it.   

So get this ... this week was downer but Sunday night was great and my comp said ok we need to go to a house that is 17 and is green! She said it just came to me when i was praying  that it is over in this area. We contacted more till we got to house that was green and #17! shut up shut up shut up! i could not believe this!  so the door bell didn't work  and they had this sweet dog that was up against this lock gate that had the keys on it so what did Sister Peterson do ... she unlocked the gate... and then i thought the dog was going to not let us in-but he stepped back like saying ok here u go come in! Oh man we prayed so hard they would let us in and well prayers are answered as these old man did let us in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a professor and he made a chart how marriages are failing and how people are not happy anymore!  Well for some reason my comp could not understand him so we left him with some pamphlets and we are coming back! His house connects with his sons house who is the head of the hospital here! We have been praying to find a new branch president so  this has to be a sign! 

Everything this week felt like it happened a month ago!  i have so very very intresting stories this week!  so get ready an hold on tight! 

We were in čakovec Wednesday when me and my companion got lost in a whole other town. We only saw this guy who was walking the same way as us so i though to talk to him.  We talked about the church and then gave him a Book of Mormon!  The next day he was like... "There is somthing different about y'all and can we meet?" He saw the light of Thursday he drove down to varaždin for a lesson but..... he really drove down 15 min to take me and my comp out for drinks ahhahah??? He was like what you are missionaries? Um hello why would i give u a Book of Mormon and talk about the gospel if i was not??? Well poor guy who was like 35 felt a little embarassed hahah so funny.

Thats all i have time for this week but love u all.

sestra peterson 

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